FALSE F/W 2012: Taxidermy Apocalypse Vol.1

The latest season of FALSE is here! Featuring illustrated graphics by Peter Carrington & Creatively Directed by Le Messie, we head into the boundless realm of the Taxidermy Apocalypse. The 1st of a number of volumes in line to be released over the next few months.

Click HERE to check out the line and HERE to get 10% off!

PREVIOUSLY: Fallacy Of Rome F/W 2012: Rome Fell


  1. I dont think this is the right blog to be advertising such clothing. Those symbols are NOT ok

  2. you obviously not a big lupe fan, did you came on when LASERS cam out?... how can you not know FALSE... listen to Gold Watch, Paris Tokyo... This is one of Lupe's fav brands, Le Messie is in Japanese Cartoon... It's interesting to learn why messie chooses to play with these icons, but if you look closely he always play them in the right light. like that's a spin off the eye of providence, yah know freemason and illuminati shit.. here the point.. it points down... it's called the eye of freedom or eye of independence... cats need to think out of the box and not be so gullible... i wonder why gullible fans even listen or understand lu's works...smh -_- fools letting images take over their lives like as though shit like dat mo important than whats join on in Palestine... WAKE DA FUK UP! :)

  3. ^^ gtfoh with that fake righteous bullshit...YOU don't know shit about waht's goin on in Palestine except what you saw on tumblr or heard Lupe's non-knowin ass say.

  4. ^ I am Arab by decent sir, I have family there... I rest my case on your ignorance. :(

  5. ^^
    Shukran :)

    I always make dua for the Ummah after I make salaah. And always make a special dua for Palestine...

    Those Israelis are animals... But I look at it like this, they have been murdering for control of the land for almost 70 years, and have STILL not gained total control.

    Pigsrael receives for US "Aid" that ALL OF AFRICA... The Palestinians don't have the Apache Helicopters, the military Tanks, an army etc to defend themselves with, and yet they still survive. How do you explain this...? I see only divine will here.

    Inshallah Palestine will be free.



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