1. Loaded Lux been infamous since around 2003 & maybe even before

  2. Seems that Lupe is going to do more indie stuff after his contract with Atlantic is up.....

    I'm ALLL for that (even if its not music related).

    Also, the interview was kinda boring and felt "been there, done that". I appreciate Lupe being a good sport about it, but I'm sure in his head, this just felt redundant having to give the same answers over and over again....

    Especially to stuff that isn't even that hard to find out if you do a little be of dugging on the interwebs : /

    Also, the host was pretty bland, and I think something was wrong with his mic, cause I could not hear him well. The audio crew kinda dropped the ball (or are just not that good). >_>

  3. This interview is just awkward.

  4. as far as that loaded lux display...

    word to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. his example shown all through that brother. lupe called it "peaceful aggression."


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