The LupEND Blog reviews "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album PT. 1" Track-by-Track (Part 4)

Today it's time for MY review of F&L2. Check it below!

Ayesha Says (Intro) - It's so good to hear Ayesha on the intro again after she's been absent from the last one. Her poem again sets the tone for the album nicely, though the one she did on Food & Liquor is still my favorite one.

Strange Fruition - I love the fact that Lupe really used the lines that he previewed at that University back in 2010 for this track, cause I always thought they were fire. The beat on this is one of my favorites off the album and it makes me want to hear Lupe over more Soundtrakk productions again.

ITAL (Roses) - That's Lupe's niece on the intro btw.. setting the tone for the track. Lupe comes with some dope lines throughout the track (I especially like the President one) and drops a few B-Bombs, too. Unlike some others, I don't have a problem with the hook on this one, I think everything fits together nicely.

Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) - The beat is fantastic, we don't have to discuss that. Lupe's flow is also fantastic on this one, he really went in on it and in hindsight, I think this is the best single he dropped from the album. Kinda sad that the whole Pete Rock thing overshadowed the track so much.

Audubon Ballroom - I was looking forward to this track ever since the tracklist dropped cause the title alone already sounded dope. And Lupe didn't disappoint at all as this is one of the standout tracks on the album for me. I think the beat could bang a bit more but everything else is on point.

Bitch Bad - Ok, so this is the first track off the album I have a little bit of a problem with. While I appreciate the message Lupe tries to spread with it and the discussion he started, the hook on this just doesn't do it for me at all. I think in this case it would have been a better idea to put someone else on the hook, like Poo Bear who can be heard later on, just have him on the full thing and it would have been better.

Lamborghini Angels - While the intro of the track gets a bit annoying after a while, the track itself is great. I was really excited when I heard this the first few times and it's still great, I absolutely love the hook and the beat. And Lupe's not afraid to rap about the most controversial subjects.

Put Em Up - Absolute favorite track off the album! The beat, the flow, that 3rd verse. In my book his is how a Lupe track should be like. While I criticized the hook he did on Bitch Bad, I must say he did a great job on this one.

Heart Donor - The hook here is just unacceptable. I'm sorry but Lupe could spit the dopest shit on this and I wouldn't be able to listen to it. Just... no.

How Dare You - So here the hook is ok but it's still a love song and after "Sunshine" I feel like Lupe hasn't really been doing these so that guys and girls can enjoy them equally. "Sunshine" had the big quality that it didn't feel awkward to listen to it as a guy. That's cool though cause there have to be some songs for the ladies, so if they are happy with it, ok, but I'll skip this most of the time.

Battle Scars - I like the song and I think it's one of the best features for another artist that Lupe has done so far but there also lies the problem; this is more Guy Sebastian's song than it is Lupe's and I think it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the album.

Brave Heart - After the (as I like to call it) "Songs for the Ladies Section" of the album we get Brave Heart which brings us back on the road of greatness. I always love when Lupe has these marching band type of drums on a track, it was great on "Little Weapon" and it's great here, it just gets you hype for the track. I also have to say that Poo Bear did a great job on this one with the hook and Lupe delivered with the rhymes and lets you forget quickly that the "Ladies Section" ever happened.

Form Follows Function - Now he's just showing off! That's what I thought when hearing this for the first time. This is Lupe in top form doing a crazy lyrical exercise, there are so many metaphors and double/triple entendres in this, it's crazy! Lupe didn't lie when he said that no one can fuck with this.

Cold War - After a lot of social and political commentary we get to hear Lupe rapping about something very personal on this one, the death of his dear friend Esco who passed away way too early. Lupe definitely created a great dedication for his friend here and Jane did a great job on the hook as well. I love how he let the beat ride out at the end.

Unforgivable Youth - To me this song has the best hook of the entire album. Dude can definitely sing! Can't say anything bad about this track.

Hood Now - Great way to end the album. Everything's hood now.

Overall I think this is a great album and doesn't have to hide behind The Cool or the original Food & Liquor. To me it would have been better without the "Songs for the Ladies Section" but as I said, no one's forcing me to listen to these tracks so that's cool. Definitely can't wait to hear the 2nd part!


  1. Lol @ this review!!! Especially the heart donor review! "just.. no" haha!

  2. I agree with this review the most (out the 4 so far), except I would pit Unforgivable Youth over Brave Heart. PutEmUp

  3. "Songs for the Ladies Section" -- humph! Well I never!

    Lol, good album review! I like how everyone is chiming in on here to do a review.

  4. Great album review. I love this one the best!

  5. Incredible review, but I'm one of the ladies that don't eff with the "Songs for the Ladies" section. Lol I can't get jiggy with those songs

  6. Good album review. I didn't know that was Lupe's niece on the intro on ITAL(Roses). Where do you get this information? Oh wait maybe its on the credits?

    I think Heart Donor has the funniest hook on the album. The song reminds me of TF2 "Meet the Pyro" short.

    Who is Poo Bear?

  7. Of course Sean has the best 'fan' review by far.

    I don't agree with everything single thing you said, but overall this is pretty much how I feel about the tracks too.

    I think anyone that looks at the album as objectively as they can will more or less agree with what's written here.

  8. You know, I wasn't into reading the reviews from anyone here, nothing personal. But after I have, I chose yours as the starting point cause you seemed the most reasonable to give an objective review without too much bias. Once again, nothing personal to anyone. All the staff on this site are just fantastic. I just wanted an objective view. Im a huge Lu fan, and I just care too much about music to not call it like I hear it. Thanks all!

  9. Haha I Love How He Called It The Ladies Section..But Overall I Agree With Sean's Review, Maybe Even More Than My Very Own Review!

  10. This is the review I agree with the most. I feel like I wrote it haha.
    Except for the BB bit because I love the hook.. I love everything about that song. Apart from that, this is spot on how I would review the album.

    I agree with what you said about How Dare You. I think Sunshine was more of a neutral love song, where as the love songs of late, have been more "lady friendly". I enjoy the track, love songs from Lu are always cute lol, it's not my fav off the album but i still like it. But Sunshine & Paris Tokyo have yet to be beaten :)

  11. Nice review... I agree on your "Song for the Ladies" section but Heart Doner was a really smooth track to me. Don't know why some think the hook was that terrible... I mean it wasn't the best but it was straight. I just find it hard to dig with "How dare you". I really think that song is out of place in this album. Not hating on the track though...just sayin...


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