The LupEND Blog reviews "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album PT. 1" Track-by-Track (Part 3)

The 3rd out of our 5 Track-by-Track reviews of the album is here. Today you get to read @_LadyLasers_ thoughts.

Didn’t want my review to seem too shallow, but I didn’t want it to be too complex. This is my first review I have ever written and especially it being on Lupe Fiasco and his music, this literally might be the hardest thing to stay simple and true to my opinion. Love it or Hate it. So with no farther ado let’s begin.

Ayesha Says (Intro) – The intro is to grab the listeners attention getting the minds curious to what’s about to come. It’s great to hear Ayesha's poetic return.

Strange Fruition - Can’t ever go wrong with Soundtrakk on the production. I literally had to go back and listen to the song “Where Do I Begin (Love Story)” to really hear the sample that was used. But there’s something about this track that threw me off a bit. It took me a couple of listens to get used to. It could have been the treatment on the vocals, but it’s still a great track.

ITAL (Roses) – The moment I heard this track I fell in love with it, from the catchy hook to his lyrics. 1500 or Nothing on the production, keeping the positive insight without the beat taking over which made this song lovable.

Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free) – This song is something serious. The (T.R.O.Y) sample was genius. One of his best songs off this album. The moment Lupe released this as his first single I was immediately intrigued by it. It had me excited for the album release. This is an INSTANT CLASSIC in my books.

Audubon Ballroom – This track is typical. It has that commercial tone to it. The hook to me explains it all, gives the tone of the whole song. For some reason I’m still not used to this song.

Bitch Bad (feat. Poo Bear) – Now this song speaks for itself. With The Audibles on the production I like the fact the beat is simple, and it’s like that typical Hip Hop beat that you wouldn’t normally hear Lu rap on. I like how he addresses the stereotypes of the Hip Hop culture using the word Bitch and the perception of what a woman should be. Lupe got a lot of negative and positive views about this song. Bitch Bad is powerful, his lyrics over this was genius.

Lamborghini Angels – Another powerful song. This was the track that he brought the most graphic lyrics to. I mean he basically sent out a warning before the release of this song as the third single back in August. And we were definitely warned, because Lupe went all out in this track. It’s so blunt and straight to the point. A lot of people were probably thrown off with his lyric choice but that’s what set the mid tone of the album. Something definitely unexpected. The beat is mad dope…just a track that stays on repeat.

Put ‘Em Up – Another beat that’s something so serious. This being the second 1500 or Nothing production on the album. The very moment the beat drops it takes me somewhere dark and deep. The tone of this track reminds me of “Put You On Game” from The Cool album. The flow of this song sets it apart from the rest.

Heart Donor (feat. Poo Bear) – A great track produced by The Runners. Poo Bear on the hook makes it very catchy. I love what Lu is talking about, it’s like he’s giving an insight on how to keep yourself well-grounded and stay leveled in this harsh world. Such a great song.

How Dare You (feat. Bilal) – Love this song. This is like that 2012 version of “Sunshine” with a twist of course. It’s like this track is being sugar coated. This one has more of a laid back feel to it compared to all the other tracks off the album. With Bilal on the hook, he really made this track come together.

Battle Scars (feat. Guy Sebastian) – Great collab with Guy Sebastian. I believe that a lot of people can really relate to this. It’s most relatable song on the album, almost like an anthem.

Brave Heart (feat. Poo Bear) – Dope song…This has to be my #1 favorite track off this album. The beat is super sick. No words can explain this song.

Form Follows Function – Wasn’t 100 percent captivated by this song in particular, but still a great track, I really don’t have anything negative to say about it.

Cold War (feat. Jane $$$) – I love how Jane $$$ came strong in the hook. Lupe paying his respect to Esco in this track makes it personal and you can’t help but respect that.

Unforgivable Youth (feat. Jason Evigan) – Everytime Lupe talks about something that’s perished in American culture today; it's always captivating.

Hood Now (Outro) – This is like the next level of “All Black Everything”. The Black communities have influenced the diverse American culture so that everything is Hood Now!

Overall this album is what I expected to be. Even though, I had to listen to it a couple of times to get the true feel of the album. But there’s nothing negative about it, just that typical Lupe on another level. This album to me manipulates other elements off Food & Liquor all the way to Lasers. The beat selection was great, in some ways could have been even better. But I can’t complain Lupe Fiasco is a genius with his lyrics. I’ll give F&L2 Pt.1 4 ½ stars out of 5. Really looking forward to Part 2….It’s The Great American Rap Resurrreeect!!!!

Peace & Love



  1. You like Heart Donor more than Form follows function!??? Wtf man?!

  2. ^^ you're surprised that a female likes that song?

    1. No I'm not surprised at that. I'm surprised at how people in general can like heart donor more than form follows function. I personally don't care for heart donor and I'm a woman. Gender isn't the issue.

  3. I Never Said I Didn't Like FFF...The First Time I Heard It I Didn't Catch On To It Right Away!

  4. This review aiiiiight i can dig it! Maybe I should write one hmmm

  5. Lu-Dini has yet to make or replicate a love song that out does or even matches the best love songs ever created in the history of Hip-Hop in Sunshine and Paris Tokyo.

  6. My review almost exactly. There is not one track i dont like. They each bring something different to the album.

  7. ^^Thank You Mr. Anderson Glad We're On The Same Page!

  8. I like Heart Donor and I'm a dude, I thought Go Baby was far more corny and uninspired in terms of chorus and lyrics, I like the beat more though.

  9. If poo bear was no longer a part of lupe songs. Heart donor would be great

  10. I can see where you're coming from on FFF. Lupe talked it up prior to any singles. I think most of us expected something that would blow us away in both music and lyric. He went Godzilla on the lyrics, but, for me, the music wasn't quite on top like the other songs.

    And yes, I know some say rap is all about the content, not the music. I just happen to disagree with that.

    Oh and I also like Heart Donor and I'm a dude. I think the layering of all the vocals is what makes that track stand out.


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