The LupEND Blog reviews "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album PT. 1" Track-by-Track (Part 2)

Here goes our 2nd track-by-track review, this time courtesy of @KekaRHO
As a card-carrying, degree-holding journalist, I pride myself on being impartial regardless of the subject at hand. As a long-time supporter of Lupe Fiasco, I pride myself on keeping my opinion of his music to myself. But when the Big Boss Man (word to Raymond Taylor Jr.), Sean the Robot asks you for something, you deliver. So without further ado… I present to you my track by track FL2 review…

Ayesha Says
I’m definitely NOT going to critique a poem. But it’s good to have her back. We missed you on Lasers, Ayesha…

Strange Fruition
From the moment Lu utters the first line, he sets the lyrical tone for this entire album. One of the things I loved about his first album, Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor, was how the beat to Real dropped and it was hard and heavy hitting. He took a more subtle approach with Strange Fruition. The lyrics are what are hard and heavy hitting while the beat is more mellow but with just the right amount of thump to get your head nodding.

ITAL (Roses)
As far as the varied messages in the songs on this album go, this one, by far, is my favorite. I can’t speak for any other group, but fiscal fuckery is an epidemic in the black community and the images that we are being bombarded with in music are what’s making this problem so rampant. I know Lu and Phonte have had their issues in the past but I have to say, this song reminds me so much of Phonte’s verse on Sirens from the Little Brother Get Back album. The music and images being presented to the youth of today are no more than not-so-cleverly disguised psychological warfare. Love this song. LOVE.

Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)
Let me start by saying I think that they did a fantastic job of recreating this beat. I love the modern twist on it. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Lu keeps the momentum going and basically continues the message from ITAL (Roses). This song is definitely a favorite of mine from this album.

Audubon Ballroom
Sick title. And I love how the chorus is uplifting without being preachy. We know we’re not niggas although some of us continue to use the word. I appreciate not having judgment passed because of it. After all, Lupe says it liberally throughout the album.

Bitch Bad
I like the beat. I appreciate the message. Many Lupe Fiasco fans might see this as preaching to the choir but I still think it’s something that needs to be said. The backlash from it is mind bottling to me (you know when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped like in a bottle.). How one takes offense to being referred to as a lady is beyond me. Where was the backlash when Tip Drill came out? Why weren’t we up in arms when the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg (and currently known as Snoop Lion) walked the red carpet with two ladies women bitches on leashes? Where was this debate for the song Domestic Violence? How about the countless songs that declare Bitches Aint Shit?

As a woman, I commend Lupe for speaking on the many facets of misogyny, misguidance and sheer ignorance that currently plague our communities, are corrupting the minds of young men and women and are threatening to destroy any hope of the black family unit. It isn’t his best lyrical display but it gets the point across and it’s one of the more important topics on the album.

Lamborghini Angels
I see… Diamond flooded demons. Lamborghini angels. Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through. AHHHHH!!! This song makes my heart smile!!! This is the Lupe that compelled me to go out and buy his first album. The beat and lyrics intertwine so perfectly. This song was executed flawlessly.

Put Em Up
Anyone who has some ill-conceived notion that Lupe has fallen off or has somehow lost his penchant for lyrical slaughter needs to give this song a listen. He proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the hip hop Leon. Annihilating beats while simultaneously saving lives. No women. No kids.

Heart Donor
See, this is why I don’t like speaking on Lu’s music. I hate putting anything even remotely negative into the universe when it comes to Lu… I can’t really get jiggy with this song. I appreciate the message and even agree whole-heartedly with his declaration that he is a heart donor. He definitely is. But the beat is a little slow for my liking and the singing on the hook I could do without.

How Dare You
Every time I hear this song, it makes me think of LA. It definitely has a smooth Southern California type beat. I really prefer not to hear Lu rap about his love interests. It always seems awkward and kinda makes me uncomfortable. Please be the Ferrari to my car key? Uhmmm… I don’t like the imagery that line creates in my head. I’m not a huge fan of Bilal but I think his unique voice matches the tone and feel of the song perfectly. I don’t hate the song. But I don’t love it either.

Battle Scars
I’m not really into singing all like that. I am just a hardcore hip hop head so anything even remotely reminiscent of R&B or any kind of music genre where singing is involved puts me off. But this Guy Sebastian dude has a beautiful voice so it’s not so bad. Again, I don’t like to hear about Lu and his women (woman?). I don’t want to be involved in all that. But he is an artist and I appreciate his utter honesty on this song.

Brave Heart
Hooray for the drums at the beginning (Bam, is that you?). Just like Lu declares at the beginning, I feel good about this song; an honest and revealing song without being heavily laden with a “woe is me” tone. The lyrics are superb. The chorus is spectacular and well-executed. This is definitely a favorite of mine.

Form Follows Function
I don’t really have a strong opinion on this song. I definitely like it. It’s kind of like a kinder, gentler SLR. That’s all I really have to say about it.

Cold War
Having lost my cousin in an eerily similar way to how Esco was lost, I can empathize with and understand the hurt behind this song. I think Lu did a great job of channeling his hurt and anger into a befitting homage to his fallen friend… Hoping God forgives us for our tendencies/ Wipes away our cool young histories… He said so much with that line. So much…

Unforgivable Youth
This song is genius. Pure genius. Lupe’s history of the United states.

Hood Now
If Unforgivable Youth pulls you down into the muck and mire of your feelings about this country we call home, then Hood Now is the best suited sonic vessel to carry you safely back. It makes me so happy every time I hear it. This song is Lu’s fun, light-hearted way of embracing what is often portrayed as bad, negative or something to be ashamed of. I love it. And the beat is fantastic. It’s my favorite beat on the entire album. He took that hurt, and made it in a song. What a great way to close out the album.

Things We Must Do For Others
How clever?! Love it.

Reviews really are nothing more than one person’s opinion. What the album does for me may be completely different than what it does for someone else. Music is art and art is subjective. So take from this review and from Lu’s album what you will. It is my personal opinion that beauty is relative. And Food and Liquor II: The great American Rap Album Pt. is beautiful to me. Well done, Lu.

Stay classy.

RHOyal Fiasco


  1. LASERS >>>> F&L2 just being honest :/

  2. I respect your opinion ^^^..but you are wrong haha

  3. lol Lasers was a great lp in its own way for being so personal and HOW DARE YOU lol I love that song ahhaha track 17 is my fav track tho, its such a banger

  4. LASERS > F&L2?


    That isn't an opinion that is just straight up trollololing.

    F&L2> LASERS is fact. It is universally agreed upon that LASERS is and always will be Lupe's worse album. He couldn't do worse even if he tried. F&L2 is up there with the The Cool and F&L1. Saying Lasers is better is essentially saying it's better than his first 2 albums which isn't true at all.

  5. Great review. I feel exactly the same way about tracks 9-11

  6. Why does everybody dislike Heart Donor? At first I thought the hook was funny but then it grew on me. Now I like it. It's suppose to sound r&bish and soulful similar to what Gemstones(Gemini), Sarah Green, and Nikki Jean did in Lupe's past records.

    Would you rather have Skylar Grey, Trey Songz or John Legend on this album like lasers?

  7. My favorite song is cold war! I just love it when Lupe starts talkin at the end. He sounds so sexy!! I constantly replay the end over and over. lol!!

  8. what does he mean by be the ferrari to my car keys?? I dont get it.

    1. He wants her to be his. His other half. One has no use without the other. They need eachother to function

    2. I actually thought it meant he wants to stick his "key" in her "ignition", if you know what i mean. I believe that's the way keka understood it hence the unwanted imagery.

    3. Yes that's what I thought at first but I tried to block that imagery out lol but a lot of rappers do that comparison thing in their music. For example lil wayne said "be the pistol to my holster". If that was meant in a sexual way too, that would seem very wrong lol

  9. I actually agree on Lasers > F&L 2.

    I'm a massive Lupe fan but this album is so underwhelming.

    Musically, this is an abysmal record. The bars are on point as always, but spitting on controversial topic matter doesn't cover up for his shortcomings elsewhere.

    F&L was incredible because of its vibrancy, Lupe showed a rare ability to blend lyrical integrity with banging beats - something that wasn't happening back in '06.

    The Cool was incredible because it was so new! Musically, it foreshadowed a lot of stuff over the coming year and demonstrated Lupe's versatility as a concept artist. He was an artist at that point, not just a rapper.

    Lasers was pop and 50% of the tracks were complete waste, but at least there was some good quality of production in there that made the album good to listen to.

    F&L 2 is so disappointing. I was expecting greatness, I want to be wowed by more than lyricism.

    Compare F&L 2 to Common's The Dreamer/The Believer and see which is the better album.

    1. F&LII and I'm a huge fan of Common. No knock to him, the dreamer/ the believer is a dope album but if i had to choose between the two it would def be F&LII.

      I'm not sure what you heard but my ears were treated to some dope production that matched Lu's flow almost perfectly.

      And Lasers was a great album imo. I truly can't understand all the hate it receives.

  10. It means he wants to stick his u know what in her you know what!? Yup, that's it. ha

  11. @ Mr. Anderson. That's exactly the way I understood it. Which is why it made me uncomfortable...

    As far as the Lasers vs. FL2 debate, I wont get into that. I will say that The Cool remains my favorite Lupe album... Not that FL2 isnt a strong contender...

    I cannot say what will happen once time has passed and FL2 has completely settled in, but as for right now, I stand strong with The Cool...

    And what is up with the sexy comments? Seriously? Cold War is your favorite song because of how sexy Lupe sounds? Not because of what a beautiful tribute it is to his friend who is now deceased? Uhmmmm... Ok...

  12. these reviews are ridiculous...

    you got nothing to say about form follows function? are you kidding me?

    what a joke.

    you mopes are a sad lot. this dude just blessed us with 76 minutes of excellence and all you can come up with is "it's kind of like a gentler SLR" ???

    bunch'a dumb mopes

  13. Uhmmm... I did have something to say, which is what I said. You know, that part you misquoted? That's what I had to say about it...

    We all have our own opinions. This review happens to be mine. You are more than welcome to submit your fan review to the big boss man...

  14. I agree with this review. Heart Donor rarely gets a play as well as How Dare you. The rest of the album I think is greatness.

    For the comments on LASERS vs F&L2. F&L2 is a perfect Lupe Album. LASERS was a commercial album. You can't compare them.

    Then again, my opinion so take it how it is.

  15. Omg Keka how old are you ? Please stop calling a dude that's younger than you "boss" or "big boss". It sounds ridiculous. And a lot like you're brown nosing. Yeah your happy to be part if a blog again but seriously you sound dumb as hell. Lol stop it please.

  16. thought you sounded fine Keka :)ignore above comment. thanks for the review

  17. Yes that's what I thought at first but I tried to block that imagery out lol but a lot of rappers do that comparison thing in their music. For example lil wayne said "be the pistol to my holster". If that was meant in a sexual way too, that would seem very wrong lol

  18. Wait a minute, I am not a big Lil Wayne fan but what is the name of the song you are refering to when you say he says be the PISTOL to MY HOLSTER? I need to hear that confession for myself, and then play it for all the lil wayne fanboys.

    - F&L
    - The Cool
    - F&LII

    - Lasers

    1. Its called "something you forgot". my sister is a Lil Wayne fan and I bother her about that all the time lol

  19. In all regards, yes music and art are subjective. So an opinion is just an opinion. But the point of reviews are to offer a look into ones opinion of something. Im sorry, it just seemed like you were holding back on how you felt about it. I mean if someone is going to offer an opinion, it might as well be the whole story. Of course, what im saying is honestly just an opinion so it holds little weight, but im preferring to give you my whole opinion, no restrictions or bias. Thank you for contributing though. Very much appreciated.

    1. By the way, this post, ill use the alias "honestly me" for identity if anyone wants to address me for anything I've said. Take care!


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