1. hmmm!Reminds me of Cee-Lo Green - Fuck You.

  2. Sarah Green has a great voice and I have nothing but love for her! So don't get me wrong when I say, this song is trash. Lyrics are lame as hell and the beat is garbage. Hope the real criticism helps her improve. I wish nothing but success for her. FNFUP!!

  3. ^ Word... yoo them lyrics and beat are trash!!
    yoo Lupe really needs to work with her and fix her style up cuz girl got talent just not on this track son!

    And he better work on it and not let this lame kidda shit come out if he wanna make money off her!

    Yoo Lu you looking to get paid off ur artist son? give em something to work wit!! guide them son! We know you got the skills to help the sista out son! She wack right now but got a bunch of potential... don't let it go to waste son!
    And stop trying to sell them shirts son! Invest in FNF: in ur artist son! u'll get a higher yield. Ight son!


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