Lupe Fiasco Twitter Bars of the Day

Lupe dropped some bars on twitter again today, read below!

Harsh, not for cuddlers, but for butcher knife jugglers, jumpin out of jets over jungles in search of jaguar jugulars, A paper bag is child's play someone is mistaken, I practice rapping myself out of bear traps, a straight jackets like a vacation, but let's say its a paper bag, and I'm hog tied and gagged, handcuffed to safe then lock inside the trunk of a cab..

Then the cab is driven to the river, set on fire, you know what skip the river lets say quick sand cuz quick sands thicker, makes it harder 2move, especially when the dynamite is being triggered, oh that I forgot mention, we added a little TNT 4 a Lil xtra tension.

Then comes the explosion, a shower of pieces of cab, safe, sand, handcuffs and paperbag, the crowd stands silent maybe a few gasps. Just when all hope is lost, and the crowd gets really sad, the smoke clears I appear with cucumber slices on my eyes enjoying my mudbath.

Saying "This all you niggas got for me?! Next time tie me up properly, Lu-Dini is unimpressed by this shoddily botched locksmith mockery!

If Im trapped in a paper bag just make sure it's a pen in it, cuz that bitch gone look like the roof of da Sistine Chapel when Im finished.

Paper Bags?! I'm the guy they use to rap the mouth holes in paper masks, a major tasks for any one not trained in the art of hatin trash. That's why I practice so fiendish, to make sure every little flicker of garbageness of my inner rap self is aggressively extinguished.

It's what defines meanness, in a mean defined linguist, that leaves behind lines thick as linguini everytime I string a stream of mean shit.

Now that's a mean twist like a towel getting wringed by a man with a machine wrist, ....I'll give u back Hoffa but you gotta hand over the Teamstas!!! So ends today's bars...enjoy your day... #FL2


  1. WOW!!! This shit is CRAZY!!! Lupe plz never delete your twitta dawg!!

  2. Fuck what ya heard family. Ain't nobody fucking wit Lu!

  3. It's better than the album lol

    1. I wouldn't take it that far. This seems more like a freestyle or free verse so in tha category it's gold. The albums themed and written and inthat category, with what he was attempting to accomplish, it's gold.

  4. Lu got a new nick name.

    Lu-dini, I love it!

  5. See y'all need to aggressively extinguish ur inner garbageness

  6. Does anyone else feel like he's rapping like Eminem in these lines?

  7. in response to your nonsense common sense gone like the rabbit in the hat or the grass on your lawn when you mow it look stoic like you know more then a used book store boring when you wake up in the morning from your snoring neighbor good ears hear all the squirrels how they fear all dogs and big birds, wait that's reading their mind but I do it all time not trying lieing if i said i wasn't god. clogged ears flush and their heads all nod. bob to the beat like the heat to the street, fleeting lasting all are laughing, plastic wrappers for unwrapping, all gaping holes where their brains should be. see through things like a plastic sheet. everything's blurry in a hurry walking nowhere have to get there, stare in the mirror only air stares back. land on your feet but you fall on your back. cracked your spine now your broken in half. one half walks and one half sits bitching fits about the government taking hits of pcp add with a prescription for it pops pills while the bottom half gets it's thrills off rolling hills and female sheep, sleep when your head's dead cannot think. blink three times and repeat these rhymes and your mind finds solid ground outside the lines. time still ticks but slower know everything before it happens see yourself rapping then you do it through bullshit it's the music that shines through, in case you forgot i hope this reminds you.

  8. It's what defines meanness, in a mean defined linguist, that leaves behind lines thick as linguini everytime I string a stream of mean shit.


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