1. First of all...for No. I.D.'s part" We wont just be loosing a "perspective" if Lupe retires, we'll be loosing a positive, progressive, and enlightened balance to the 80 percent of non-positive, destructive, and ignorant music being fed out here. For Malik's part: Lupe didn't single Chief Keef out on Twitter alone, weeks before he spoke on a radio interview about the image and lifestyle Keef glamorizes. And Lupe is out here helping not just Keef, dude hosted a meal for the homeless in Chicago during Ramadan, AND his Foundation work, so he isn't just all words, but he is all walk too. So this is really getting blown out of proportion, and honestly I dont think these dudes are taking the murder rates in Chicago deep or serious enough, considering how they are siding on the wrong sides.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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