Skyzoo not able to afford Lupe Feature

In a recent interview with Hip Hop DX Skyzoo revealed that he wanted to have Lupe on a track off his upcoming album but couldn't afford it in the end. Read below:

DX: Now when the album comes out I can already tell that the record “How To Make It Through Hysteria” is one that many fans will be flooding your Twitter about. As a time saver, can you briefly break down that record here?

Skyzoo: That’s one of my favorite records man. The way that actually worked out with the ending of the record, it’s a funny story. Lupe Fiasco was supposed to be on that record. What happened was, me and Lupe are cool, we text and talk and all that, and I’ve known him for a while.

Not cool like hang out at each other’s house, but on a really chill level. I think he’s an awesome lyricist, an awesome emcee, and he feels the same way about me. So I reached out to him about jumping on the record and he was like, “Yeah, just send it over. Once management and the [Atlantic Records] figure out what they gotta figure out, let’s do it.” But the management and labels got crazy with his fee. His fee was like through the roof, so I had to leave that alone. [Laughs]

And I had two verses done, with the third verse supposed to be him, and once he wasn’t able to do it…Like he was super down. But management was like, “Yo, we need this.” And there was no way in the world I was gonna be able to afford that.

Full interview HERE

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  1. Haha lupe's expensive.
    I wonder how much was the fee though.


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