Pics x Winners: Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards

Lupe's first Outstanding Fan Awards went down in NYC yesterday. Now before we get into anything I want to say, how many artists give away awards to fans and appreciate them like that? That's an awesome thing of Lupe to do.

Not only was it a night of awards for fans but also an album release party so some special guests came through, namely Pharrell, Kenna, Loaded Lux, Guy Sebastian and more.

Awards were given out in different categories and we were awarded with the award for Best Fansite! Check out a list of winners and more pics below!

Hufanitarian Of The Year Award - John Green - Fiasco Street Team - Go Go
Sean The Robot Biggest Fan Award - Sean’s winner - Jeni
Best Fan Video - Double Burger With Cheese
Best Fan Merch - Ricardo Boncy
Front Row Award - Keka
Best Fansite - The LupEND Blog
The By Heart Award - Rap Genius
Best Photo Award - Misha Vaksman
Best Song Cover Award - Carter Wang for "Out Of My Head"
Best Fan Food - Shep The Hip Hop Mom
The Next Big Thing Award - Kendrick Lamar
Best Fan Artwork - Mohamed Diare

Congrats to everyone!

FST won the Hufanitarian of the Year Award
Guy came through...
...and P!
Of course Busy was there..

...and Lu's mom was there as well and he danced with her on stage.

Looks like it was a great night for everyone involved. We definitely appreciate the fan site award and on a personal level, having an award named after me and being able to give it to someone was a great thing and it definitely means a lot to me. Thanks to Lupe for doing that and caring so much about his fans & supporters.

All photos courtesy of Luella


  1. thats so sweet he does that..what a beautiful man

  2. congratulations sean and gang! well deserved. did you get to go and collect your award?

  3. "did you get to go and collect your award?"

    Nope...but they'll send it to me.

  4. @Jeni ...You see that plaque that Luella is holding? That's it.

  5. Wow! I thought it was just a tweet and recognition lol! He actually gave a physical award that's so awesome!

    How are they gonna send it to you!?


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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