PAPERMAG interviews Lupe Fiasco

PAPERMAG talked to Lupe at the album laucnh event yesterday in NYC, too. Besides the questions about politics and voting etc they also talked to Lupe about being active locally and what he and his foundation are doing in Chicago.

Going back to what you mentioned earlier about being active locally, the first thing that comes to my mind is the violence that's been happening in your hometown -- in Chicago -- lately. What has been your reaction to that?

It's heartbreaking. I get contacted to come speak at different high schools and my foundation, the Lupe Fiasco Foundation, is based in Chicago so we do a lot of intervention things in different high schools and conflict management.

At the end of the day, you have to show people that you care. If you show those kids who are committing these acts that you actually care about them, then hopefully it will relay into their caring about someone else. If they don't see value in themselves, then they don't see value in anybody else.

That's part of the problem. You can try to crime-fight it like you're Batman, you can try and bring in the National Guard, which is what Mayor [Emanuel] wants to do but even through all of that, if [the kids] don't feel they're valuable, what's the point?

Read the full interview HERE


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