Lupe Fiasco's spontaneous Panel appearance in Philly

Two nights ago Lupe made an impromptu appearance at a townhall community gathering in Philadelphia, where a debate on hip-hop, the youth vote, and the 2012 election was well under way.

After getting in an arguement on twitter with D.L. Hughley and journalist Roland Martin about his stance on voting last week, Lupe made clear that his views had been misrepresented and clarified that while he will not vote, fans should follow their own interests:

“I’m not there to tell you who to vote for, what to drink and what to dress,” Fiasco said. “I’m there to tell you the ingredients. I’m saying this has a whole lot of high fructose corn syrup in it and you know what high fructose corn syrup is…but I’m not saying don’t drink it. It’s not my role.”

For Fiasco, voting on the local level was where he felt the emphasis should be put, because those issues, involving the school board to judges to contests, are immediately important to people’s lives.
via NewsOne


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