Lupe Fiasco thinks his best works are on "Friend of the People"

In an interview he gave to HipHopWired last night in NYC Lupe revealed that he thinks his best works are on the Friend of the People mixtape. He also talked about getting love from the hood.

I think my best works are on Friend Of The People. I think my best expressionist work is right there. On songs like "WWJD he'd probably LOL Like WTF,' ' we got 'Life And Death and Love From San Francisco.' Songs like 'Double Burger With Cheese,' those are the songs I get excited about.

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  1. People, including lupe fans, really slept on FOTP. I thought it was a crazy!

    1. I agree don't care that it wasn't your classic boom boom bop. I listen to all kinds of music. I was happy he picked out some of my favorites.

  2. I'm a huge fan of FOTP but cmon his best work? His best work to me is hopefully still ahead of him even though his music has lost the essence of what made him great which is that he could have a deep message without being "preachy". I hope in the future he can drop some more dope Hip hop without every track having to be about a message just a few songs were its just "my lyricism cant be touched" like he did with "Failure" But to me his best work was Farenheit 1/15 Part 1/2 or Food & Liquor

  3. His best work was the The Cool hands down, no contest.

    The Coolest
    Paris, Tokyo
    Gold Watch
    Hip Hop Saved My Life
    Streets on Fire
    Little Weapon
    Gotta Eat
    Dumb it Down
    Put You On Game
    Go Go Gadget Flow

    Like how many instant classic songs is that? I'm probably forgetting some too.

    Friend of the People had good songs like Double with cheese, Joaquin Phoenix, lightwork, slr, and super cold, I would put WWJD with those songs, but the beat kills the track so I can't include it, as a whole body of work The Cool is Lupe's best.

  4. He's damn Right lmao
    Mixtape is too damn underrated

  5. he might have a point, i keep rapping bars from lightwork and double burger withe cheese

  6. This is gonna spark some heat...

    The Cool was a goddamn monster though... I've been listening to it for like 5 years and there are STILL lines I didn't catch.

    I'll be driving around
    I catch a line for the first time
    I'm like "DAMN!"
    And I swerve a little

  7. @anon4 Im always rappin bars from super cold. loooooooove that dang song!!! I agree, The Cool is his best work.

  8. I think he's just saying some of the best songs he's put together happen to be on FOTP...not the entire mixtape is better than his other albums. Word is born.

  9. I really wish he could've gotting clearance for those samples and released it as EP. I consider that a part of his offical albums, so dope.

  10. "I'm super cold my jacket thin cant touch it like..."

    "Touch more souls than a......"
    "Laid back villain on a smooth tip all things gravy greatest fear to..."

    yep love the mixtape but Streets on fire is just WOW

  11. Think you gangsta, popped a few rounds?
    These kids'll come through and murder a whole town
    Then sit back and smoke and watch it burn down
    The graves get deeper the further we go down


  12. FOTP had has fucking great lyrics crammed in it. Fuck the haters...but

    The Coolest. That damn song is deeper than the ocean. My mind still puts together different interpretations for some of the lines every now and then.

    Some songs on TGARA have the same feels to them too.

  13. If he meant recent work i agree. Food and Liquor and the Cool are out of this world and unmatched. Those raps and beats were tailor made...perfect.

  14. Cool as a pool in a blizzard
    with ice cubes in it during Christmas

  15. Lupe, Lupe , Lupe. tsk. tsk. I would highly disagree but it's his work........ I don't even care anymore. I can't keep up with this version of Lupe anymore. I'd rather hear him rap upbeat and not so slow like he does nowadays. Freind of the people was "O.K." and not because of the dub-step beats, it was really an "O.K." mixtape. I've been a huge fan of Lupe since 2005. Sorry to say it but He's not as good as he thinks he is anymore. He's not in his prime anymore.

  16. I agree whole heartedly.

    I was literally JUST (2 days ago) discussing Lupe's evolution and mentioned how I enjoy FOTP over FL2.

    That doesn't mean F&L, The Cool, Lasers, FL2 and all of the other projects don't have gems-- but FOTP as a whole, from beginning to end, is immaculate.
    Probably due to little/no Atlantic interference.

    Never understood why everyone dismissed the beats. I personally find it to be a hard thing to focus on, considering the words & messages that are available.

  17. People, keep in mind that this is just Lupe's PERSONAL OPINION about his own work. He is NOT making some kind of mandate that everyone has to agree that FOTP is his best work.

    You're all free to PERSONALLY disagree, but DON'T try and make it out like Lupe's opinion is invalid just because it doesn't coincide with your views.

    I'm sure as the MAKER of the work in question, he would have a MUCH DIFFERENT viewpoint on which work he favors most, then an average fan WHO DOES NOT KNOW HIM PERSONALLY OR IS WITH HIM ON A CONSTANT BASIS!!!!!

    Please keep perspective people. >__>

  18. I think his best is The Cool, followed by F&L 1, followed by the first 3 Fahrenheit mixtapes, followed F&L2, folllowed by Lasers followed by EOTS and FOTP

  19. ^^Nah dude.. Enemy of the state was EASILY a classic. I still bang it..

    The only problem with EOTS was how short it was. Goddamn! :(

  20. EEXAAACCTLLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that mixtape!!! still bumping it

  21. The fact that everyone has a different opinion of what his best work is at this point speaks volumes about the quality of his music. Personally, I agree with him. Like someone else said, I consider FOTP to be an album. I like it as much The Cool, may like it more. I have to listen to The Cool again. Food & Liquor II Part I gets 9/10 from me. Shit is dope

  22. I've been a loyal fan of Lupe since 2006 and still even now...i continuously listen to the cool

    The coolest
    Streets on Fire

    Man, his delivery, the sound, its THAT Lupe that was refreshing.

    When i purchased F&L2, my immediate reaction was my distaste for the chosen beats, Lyrically, so far, it is great...

    I find myself only liking only less than a handful of tracks :(

    hood now, heart donor, lamborghini angels, around my way

    F & L 2 sounds like what Lasers could have been.

    The Cool > F&L I > Fahrenheit 1-3 > F&L 2 > FOTP > Enemy of the State

    Overall, for me to listen to an album (the cool) for over 5 years speaks for itself.

  23. I agree, FOTP is highly underrated, the fans complaining about the beats are no different than the mainstream junkies that likes every new song with a hot beat from Rick Ross. Was it his best work IMO? No, I thought either Food And Liquor and The Cool were but FOTP most def deserves an honorable mention in terms of lyrical content.


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