1. We're currently in spring here in the southern hemisphere... Where part one has yet to be released btw :p

    I suppose he means spring in the northern hemisphere? Is that between January, February and March 2013? :/

  2. Let's not get too excited now. Lest Atlantic pulls a Lasers on us. How good (or bad) F&L2 does will determine how soon we get the next album. It would be great if we can get it the first half of 2013 but I'm not overly optimistic of that happening. Record labels will never change!! The album's crazy dope though. Peace!

    1. I was just thinking that. Because the release time of Part 2 keeps fluctuating every other interview...But I feel like FL2 is doing VERY well so far. =)

  3. At this point, Atlantic isn't really marketing Lupe any more. They drained what they could out of Lasers, now i think they're going to try and get what they can out of Lupe's fan base. I think Spring is a very realistic release date as long as things start progressing with the first single around January.

  4. Food & LiquorII: The Great American Rap Album Part 2, April 2013

  5. What the REAL lasers should have been:
    1- Ayesha says
    2- Strange Fruition
    3- Letting go
    4- Till I get there
    5- around my way
    6- Lamborghini angels
    7- Words I never said
    8- Put em up
    9- How dare you
    10- all black everything
    11- brave heart
    12- Go to sleep
    13- form follows function
    14- I'm beaming
    15- Cold war
    16- Hood now (outro)

    Now I don't think anyone would have a problem with THAT album. Let me know what you think!

  6. Take out heart donor and I agree

  7. Goddamn... That would have been good *-*

  8. That's a shit tracklist figuring that it was pop based so over half those tracks wouldnt be included

  9. @efff_jay it would be better if you replaced How Dare You with ITAL (Roses)

  10. Why is lupe's shirt so low cut...? :?

    Kinda queer dude :P

  11. @efff_jay

    No "Coming Up"? Anyway Lasers is pretty much fine how it is. I prefer those tracks to be on F&L2. Lasers was necessary. Although I wish I'm Beaming had been a proper track and not a bonus

  12. If Lasers started with the Lasers manifesto and crossfaded into Shining Down it would've gone up a point in my book.

    Put the live versions of Beautiful Lasers on there at the end (dump the MDMA/Pooh Bear version) and there's another point.

    Put Mathew Santos on all the hooks for songs that feature generic artists and now we almost have a 9/10 album.

  13. I want some features!
    I want some Mr. West!
    I want some Hugo/ Pharrell!
    I want Mike Shinoda!
    I want Kenna!
    I want the Lupe who makes me crack up on the mixtapes!
    I want Japanese Cartoon!


  14. I want Lupe Fiasco to make more mainstream collaborations. I know he's a great rapper and you know he's a great rapper but until he gets on tracks with well-known artists and murders it will be hard to convince others and they won't give his music a chance. Just something I've noticed I mean Kendrick Lamar colabs with anyone but it gets his message out more effectively to a wider group of people. I like Lupe Fiasco more than Kendrick Lamar but Lupe Fiasco needs to find a way to get that buzz behind him again and alienating his fans and being preachy isn't the way. He was making very positive strides with his earlier music on Food & Liquor by putting out a message without it being too preachy but you still got the message.


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