Joe Budden invites Lupe Fiasco to collaborate with him on his new Mixtape

Joe Budden recently announced that he's working on a new mixtape and last night he went to Twitter and invited Lupe to join him on a track for the project. This wasn't the first time Budden reached out to Lupe via the social network but so far he hasn't had any luck with it.

Do you want to hear Budden and Lupe on a track together?

Spotted: HHNM


  1. this song would be sooooooo sick!!!

  2. They were on the same song before check below

  3. Damn! Who's that in the pic?!?!

  4. Budden's respected Lu for years. He's referenced him in a few of his songs. I think they should do a track or two together; They could work well of one another.

  5. That song would turn out to beat his collab with Guy now. It would be nasty as shit he needs to do it!!


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