How would people have reacted if "American Terrorist II" would've dropped at another Time?

American Terrorist 2 (Superheroes) was set to be the first single off Food & Liquor II: TGARA part 2. My question is, how would people have reacted to the track if Lupe would have indeed dropped it as the first single?

In music oftentimes it's all about creating a momentum or a situation in which people will remember your work for a certain reason. The Throne did that back in 2011 when they dropped their album digitally without much promo and without it leaking prior to its release. People will always remember that, because it hasn't been done before in a long time.

Lupe found the perfect moment to release American Terrorist 2 this week after he announced his possible retirement taking place after his next album. The track perfectly fits to that, even though it has an uplifting feel, it also has a certain sadness to it. Fan reactions have been highly positive and we'll probably always remember this moment and when and why the track was released when listening to it.

Would people, or better said fans, have reacted that positive to it though if Lupe would have indeed dropped it as the first single off Food & Liquor II: TGARA part 2? We'll never find out but I think it's quite possible that it would have been criticised for its electronic dub-step influenced beat, similar to reactions to the Friend of the People mixtape for example.

So looking at it, through the situation at hand a whole nother scenario was created in which the possible mainstream appeal of the track didn't matter to anyone, all that mattered was the feeling that came across when listening to it, which is a beautiful thing if you ask me.

Those special moments that are created through a certain situation, correlating with a piece of music are something you don't get to experience that often these days but Lupe managed to do that and I'm thankful for that.

Listen to the track HERE


  1. I've been thinking the same since long. FOTP was amazing but people still hated it for the saking of hating. They wanted the lyrics back, he gave some of the most amazing lyrics on that tape. Super Cold, nuff said. They wanted dope concepts and storytelling. They got WWJD and Life Love And Death In... not to mention Double Burger with Cheese. All of those songs were in a category all their own, not much 'songs' could come near those concept-wise lyrics-wise. But they still shitted all over it cos they're elitist fucks who wanna act like Lupe is some kid who really needs their guidance at every step... some of these 'fans' need to wise up.

    1. Most if not all the people who didnt like that mixtape only listen to rap, so hearing a electronica or techno beat is out of their comfort zone.

  2. i dont like i woulda hated it

  3. It's a good song and the story is really good too but yes your right, his (retirement) annoucement made us really listen to what he was saying (in the song) regardless of the way it sounds (dubstep,ect) . Good point.

  4. Don't Worry. I'm Just That Nigga.Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 11:44:00 AM EDT

    it's called "Publicity Stuntin" or "playin the people" and we're here applauding Lu for it and writing cute little articles about it? All is going according to plan.

  5. ^ Exactly and if it wasn't for the Chief Keef crap no one would pay any attention to the retirement announcement. Dude ain't going anywhere, he can't. He owes Atlantic two more albums after Part 1 drops, and they're not gonna let him out his deal. When you see Atlantic announce his retirement, then I'll believe it. Until then, he's just riding off his emotions as he always does. The Spin magazine rant lasted three days, then he cooled off and he hasn't mentioned it since. He's an emotional dude, and I don't know why the diehard fans haven't realized it yet.

  6. Hey Lightwork check out the music video i made for his song "lightwork" on youtube...

    type in lupe fiasco lightwork, its like the 5th down under "ciny23"

  7. Or anyone else who wants to check out a dope music video for Lightwork i made. Its on youtube

  8. ^That's a generalization. The main reason why people didn't like it is because too much of it sounded experimental and forced, such as Jay Z ghetto techno. It was 50/50 to me.
    Think about well meshed Hello-Goodbye was.

  9. People would have definitely hated the track. The chorus is horrid in my opinion.

    Lupe just doesn't have that magic touch he once had back in the F&L and The Cool days. Look at tracks like Superstar and Shining down. When those tracks dropped all Lu got was praise despite those song not being "hip-hop" beats, why? Becuase everything MESHED together. Beat, chorus, lyrics, and flow all complemented each other.

    Nowadays there usually one thing that messes up a Lupe song whether it be the beat, chorus or flow. Where it went down hill were songs that were released after Go to Sleep. If you look at the B.M.F freestyle Lu released shortly after the petition went viral the issue with that song was his flow on that track. Sure I've gotten use it by now, but most people on the first couple of listens to that track for the first time are not at ease with their ears due to his flow. Sure it was an "album track" but pretty much every song released from Lu from F&L and Go to Sleep were all met with near universal praise, albums, mixtapes, and freestyles included.

    We all know the main issue with LASERS was the beats and chorus not meshing well with his vocals. Even All Black Everything's chorus could have been done better in my opinion and that was the best song on the album. And then moving on to Friend of the People songs like WWJD were good on a lyrical level, but weren't good on a music level because the beat didn't mesh with his lyrics and flow, but it is mixtape after so you can't really complain. He has to do his experiments at some point right? If look recently with Bitch Bad all is done perfectly except for... his flow... Around My Way and Lambo Angels are well done all around songs at least.

    And now with American Terrorist 2... the chorus is horrid, but then again it is unfinished... but like you bring up I am willing to over look it because of the entire situation that comes with the song.

    1. Ur hurting he has evolved so well...can't believe u took that much time to hate on someone else's art

  10. ^The song is amazing... dont make generalizations for the rest of us.

  11. The electronic/dubstep beat conveys emotion (well for me at least)

  12. i can see lupe doing a video for this as his official last single in a style how kanye did the video for it just me or does that seem dope? or like a video collage of all the best moments of his career through love to see that

  13. ***"^The song is amazing... dont make generalizations for the rest of us."***

    I'm not making a generalization. I'm answering the question Ludvik asked: "How would people have reacted if "American Terrorist II" would've dropped at another Time?"

    I'm saying people would have definitely criticized/hate it just like they did LightWork when it dropped.

    So you saying "the song is amazing people would have still liked it" is no different than me saying "no they wouldn't." So if I'm generalizing I hope you are willing to admit that you are too. In end we don't know how people would we react and never will.

  14. ^Exactly. I agree completely. I actually liked AT2 though. Some of the songs Lupe tried to experiment with on the mixtape were okay, but they weren't good sonically to have that replay value. A lot of artists go through this such as Kanye. Compare Late Registration to his new music.

  15. Do I like when Lupe spits over sampled Soundtrakk beats more than when he hops on a dubstep track? Of course.

    However, with Lupe, I know he's always been a fan of dubstep and techno, so it doesn't bother me when he experiments a little. The lyrics in this song are on point like always, and that is the main draw of Lu for me.

    LightWork, AT2 and AT3, SNDCLSH in Las Vegas, and Super Cold are all great examples of Carrera Lu taking a electro beat and doing a masterful job of lyricism over top of it.

    I do think that this song would have received a lot of criticism had it not been released when it was, however.

  16. ppl need to stop focusing on the beat and talk about the lyrics!! it's an amazing story, i can picture it all so clearly and i love Lu for that...

    but the message is some elitist shit which all superhero stories basically are. the superhero blames ordinary ppl for the state of the world - there are no class politics in this song which is disappointing. looking for someone to save us keeps ppl placid, when the power to change the world is in our own collective hands.

  17. Another thing I want to add is expectation as another reason why I people wouldn't have liked AT2 if it dropped when it was suppose to.

    If you look back at LASERS and Friend of the People NOBODY was expecting that Album and Mixtape to sound the way they did. With LASERS, yeah we knew Lu compromised, but nobody was prepared for an album composed of industrial corporate selected beats. People were expecting the sound along the lines of Shining Down, I'm Beamin and possibly Go To Sleep. It also didn't help that Lupe was hyping LASERS saying "the album will be enough" as a reason for why FOTP was being released after LASERS.

    With Friend of the People, a lot of people disappointed with LASERS were expecting FOTP to be that project that brings that "classic" Lu back, after all Lupe's best projects are his mixtapes right?

    So here we are with AT2. Lupe claimed a while back that F&L2 is for the "hardcore nerdy" Lupe fans remember? The "Food and Liquor" was added into the title signify Lupe "going back" to what made him Lu remember?

    (Lupe clarified why he put F&L2 in the title recently, but during the time he had initially revealed that the Album was being called F&L2, people saw it as Lupe going back to that "Food and Liquor" flow)

    So with all this in fans heads (and lets assume that F&L2 is another Lupe classic and everyone is geared up and excited for part 2) Lupe releases American Terrorist 2, the first single I might add, with this dubstep influenced beat and in my opinion horrid chorus. I think it's almost a no brainier that the blog post of the song would be riddled with criticism and unnecessary hate and "Lupe fell off" comments. People's expectation definitely may ruin the experience of something they are anticipating when they finally partake in whatever it was they were anticipating.

    Ludvik most definitely brought up an interesting notion!

    ***"Those special moments that are created through a certain situation, correlating with a piece of music are something you don't get to experience that often these days but Lupe managed to do that and I'm thankful for that."***

    Couldn't have said it any better myself!

  18. ^ It actually didn't take me that long to type it... but I agree that Lu has evolved well, but only in terms of lyrics and subject matter.

    And can you please point out where I say I hate his art?

    Just to let you know I personally think that Lupe is the greatest rapper of all time, but that doesn't I like every single thing that has done nor should I have to like every single thing he has in order to not be considered "hating on his art."

  19. I'm actually a huge fan of all his 'alternative' songs. Whether it be AT2, AT3, Lasers, or FOTP (although I dont like Super Cold). I do not consider myself a fan of dubstep, but that actually didn't bother me on this song.

  20. Sometimes i reminisce back when he 1st came out. wow what a breath of fresh air he was... and he is still frsh! He is on a whole another level than those kanyes and jayz, because he is so humble and cares about the people thats why I love Lupe. I dont know why he receives so much hate from these stupid kids called chief kief or whatever his name is. Spin Magazine should shut the fuck up, too. Shitty magazine controlled by zionist jews trying to control todays media etc.
    Whatever, the truth is that real heroes always have opposition and are perceived as the enemy.
    Everyone who thinks lupe sucks better wake the fuck up!
    I loved all his mixtapes and albums so far BUT i just don't feel the dubstep at all. Dubstep is some 21 century garbage- but thats just me. If lupe wants to put more songs out with this dubstep sound i have to accept that. I will still listen to him, because as a matter of fact his lyrics with substance are more important to me :)

    I have to admit that i miss the classic Lupe Fiasco with the nostalgic sounding songs SO MUCH...songs like "Glory". I hope that one of the songs on f&l II to sound like it. Is this too much to ask for? Inshallah...

    Peace & Love.
    God bless lupe.
    Support Lupe.
    Buy the album, dont bootleg!

  21. What I've learned to love about Lupe is the fact that in the culture that he resides in he is so non-apathetic despite the fact he get shouted down for it

  22. The chorus is not horrid when you consider the context within the song. Imagine a citizen yelling through a megaphone, calling out for his heroes. I love the beat and how it seems to fit the theme, what with it being fantastical and about a superhero, while lupe rides the beat properly in a way to effectively tell the story. Hit's ventures with fotp were interesting and compelling in a way. Considering that he went off course rap wise and became more of a MUSICian. He took different genres, mashed them, meshed them, and showed us how 2 sounds can cooperate and create something great. And now for lasers, which I always have trouble explaining to everyone. Till I get there, Letting go, comin up, never forget you, show goes on, all black everything, not techno. More importantly theyyy all were lyrically topnotch. Had he released all the songs individually they would've been adored. But since they were compiled into an official album, which we expect to be immaculate from him, they were all trashed by critics and "critics" whereas the positivity received crickets.

  23. Well this post is partly inaccurate, as Lupe stated when he tweeted it out, that the song posted is not complete yet, but here it is. So do say that it dropped to me is inaccurate.

    To the people saying hes not going anywhere, its his decision. Yes, he has 2 albums left (F&L2-TGARA:Pt2 & Skulls) F&L:Pt2 is probably done, with just the finishing touches being put on it, and Ive heard that hes already working on Skulls. His tweet was, After this I'm done, which wouldnt after this mean Skulls...??

  24. Cant keep reading the nonsense comments on here.

    Lupe is the shit, and i'm glad he dropped it now, and to theLupEnd blog. It's not playing the people, it's being personable with the relationships that he's made.

    True fans know him, and are sad for him leaving. I love the song, it has great meaning to it, and would've been grand either way. But it just made it more purposeful this way, everything happens for a reason and he'll be on his way to greatness no matter what.


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