Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco to appear on The Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show

Lupe and Guy will be on Australian Radio next Monday (Sunday if you're in the US or Europe), more precise, on the The Kyle and Jackie O show on 2DayFM.  

Seeing that Lupe is in Sydney, I assume that we might actually get to see him and Guy perform "Battle Scars" live for the first time ever, eventually on the Australian X-Factor. Though there's no official confirmation for that yet.


  1. Will definitely be tuned in to hear the interview. So hoping we get to see a live performance of Battle Scars on X Factor or any TV show for that matter! So pumped to see them perform together!

  2. LOL Lupe is always in Australia right before his album releases.

  3. Great! Will tune in Guys manager said they have some big performances coming up in the US so glad we are going to have them together in OZ first, I would put money on it the will perform tuesday night on X Factor its the first results show for the year.

  4. wow they will bring the house down if they perform on that show the song is HUGE in australia


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