F&L2: TGARA Pt. 1 (Journalistic Reviews)

So before we publish your reviews, here are some from journalists. RollingStone, HipHopDX, Washington Post and others. And instead of giving them all their own entry, we'll collect them all here so this entry will be updated for the people who care and are interested to read those reviews.















  1. Man F them biased reviews all four of them. How do they not give this album at least a 4.5-5.0 is beyond crazy, especially with all the cookie cutter rap thats out there. I mean just on lyrics or production alone should get this a 5.0 in my opinion. I actually think the ones that don't give this album a score of at least a 4.0 (which hiphopdx did do, yet they give slaughterhouse a 4.5? come on now!) is apart of them corporate sponsors lupe was talking about on ITAL(Rose).

    So yeah I just think these publications, websites, ect, just don't like his stance on certain subjects like voting, calling the america gov. terrorist, ect are taking points off because of that. This album is well rounded cause it has love songs, personal songs, club bangers and more that is fire and yet they could only focus on his supposedly too much political stance (which he is telling the truth and is right by the way) doesn't make any sense. So I'll just like to say a big *&^& them to all the biased reviews who do not see the pure awesomeness this album is.

  2. http://theversed.com/2012/09/24/lupe-fiasco-food-liquor-2-the-great-american-rap-album-part-1-review/

  3. I have to agree with some of these. I listened to the album 3 times now and even though it's grown on me, It's just toooo different then the original F&L or the Cool. In my opinion, his creativity begins to fade when he goes overboard with all these messages. Go back to storytelling instead of preaching like the good old days Lu! Ughhh lol

    3 out of 5

    1. But the album being different from his other is what makes this album good. I wouldn't want an artist having carbon copies of their previous work. It was refreshing to me to have Lupe go over these more modern hip hop beats. By doing that his is once again showing his versatility and ability to go over different kinds of beats. The message maybe more "in your face" than ever but the songs still have deep concepts.

      Like another poster has said, this album is less about deciphering the lyrics but more about really thinking about the concept and seeing how it applies to our everyday lives (and America).

  4. You mean there isn't storytelling on this album. Damn, coulda fooled me.

  5. I didn't mean there's not storytelling. That's always been his saving grace. Idk, it just feels like a different way of delivering those stories, it's less subtle and not filled with all those delicious metaphors/ double entendres I love lol

  6. I love the album I give it a five out dive but I will say the way Lupe presented his message back then was a lot better he wasn't preachy like he is now he hid that message under countless of double and triple entendres and metaphors which was what really set him apart. Bit I also respect the move to be a little more preachy with his music to make sure no one gets confused on the message and reflects upon that message

  7. The rolling stone review was like a complete slate..

    Sounded like an ugly jewish bitch wrote it.

  8. Tired of people tryna compare his album to F&L or the COOL, I love the album and i think hiphop really needed this, best album dis year in my opinion

  9. But just because the production is modern doesnt mean you should enjoy it because its different from his other albums. if its whack, its whack. Not saying every beat on here is whack cause thats not the case, but one thing Lupe should have done with this was been aloooot more musically involved to add on with his messages. Form Follows Function should have been the whackest beat, he should have pushed the envelope with the beats, BUT he said before in an interview that he didnt really wanna go overboard with beats because of the prices he would have to pay for them, and I understand that. but still this album is epic!

  10. The man preached on every album but now that he does it so u dont have 2 guess and never fully get the message now u wanna call the shit too preachy smfh I swear lupe fans are the worst he literally has sumthing for all his fans on this album and yall still complain wtf? Plz lupe hurry and retire bcuz I rather u leave and let these fans miss you than them 2 eventually destory you bcuz u'll never satisfy them by the way album 4.5/5

  11. Needed to work with Soundtrakk more on this. He brings the best out of Lu, because no other producer meshes with Lu like Soundtrakk.

    1. I always felt that way about that too, but that's probably gonna happen more often when his Atlantic deal is up. Just 2 stay relevant as a "mainstream" rapper.

  12. But...the thing with him going overboard with the beats is Atlantic might not have released it if the beats were to experimental (remember what happened with the original Lasers). Also I didn't mean that the beats are good because they're modern, but because they're better than the typical mainstream beat. The beats on this album are more layered than what you'd hear on the radio (sort of like what Gambino did with Royalty, good sounding mainstream beats with layers).

    I'm starting to think this is what Bishop G was talking about when he hyped up the album earlier this year (he said Lupe cracked the code)...Lupe was able to sort of modernize his sound without having to severely water down his lyrics (like he had to on Lasers). Doing this keeps Atlantic happy with the more mainstream sounding beats and his die hard fans are also pleased with the return of lyrical Lu.

  13. To the people bitching about the reviews:






  14. I love this album. I've given it a few listens and I can proudly say Lupe has delivered a great album that can contend for album of the year.

    That being said, there is a difference between a great album and a classic album. Although they are different albums, you have to compare this one with The Cool, one of his two classics.

    What sets The Cool apart from this album is how layered it was, how inconsistent one playthrough is, yet how structured it feels. TGARA makes me think, but it doesn't make me FEEL, which was the magic of The Cool. There is a point of depth that Lupe reached during that album that seems neglected.

    Overall, great album, but not a classic

  15. I'm dissapointed honestly, even though I will love lu till the day I die.

    It's just okay. : / The beats aren't great even though the messages are well done ( I suppose)

    Creativity is lacking. (In comparison to previous albums) Yes, he's evolved but IMO not in a good way...

    Lu just retire man and keep dropping them illllll mixtapes cause you have yet to release a bad one

  16. For the people who says there's no story telling, listen to Around My Way, Lamborghini Angels and Unforgivable Youth.

    Lets not forget this is only Part 1 of TGARA. TGARA Part 2 Coming in 2013

    Lupe is done making mixtapes.

  17. Wow!! Lupe you are TRULY the greatest in many aspects!!! I sincerely ADORE you as a person! I remember when you first came out! I was really blown away by how different you are compared to others in the music industry! I love how controversial your music is! it gets the people talking! Whether it be bad, or good, at least they talkin right?? I have learned a lot from you alone. Your music is expressive, and inspirational, and that is just excellent!! Each time I hear a song, I want to be able to take from it, so I am always critical thinking, even when in a conversation. Got to be able to break what a person says down, find their understanding, your understanding, calculate it in some way that it computes, and what have you. And that is exactly what I do when I listen to a song! You are the GREATEST in my opinion. You seem super down to earth, and you really know what is going on in the streets; and me coming from and living in the Bay Area, that is important to me. You care, and that is why I admire you. I connect with your music emotionally, and in a spiritual way as well. Yes it's dope, but it's REAL first. So as for Food & Liquor 2?...a MASTERPIECE!! LOVE that Roses joint!! GOD BLESS YOU LUPE!! -Michelle A. Freeman.

  18. I think that this album is the one that he wanted to make. Yes F&L and The Cool are completely different but overall I Like this album. Put em Up is my jam!! I think he wanted to address the status of hip hop/rap. it is truly on a downfall. To me there is nobody out here in the game like Lupe. he is unique, creative,educational,inspiring mc/lyricist. he tell story's in his music which cause his fans in turn to listen harder and expand our minds to learn and absorb the knowledge he is spitting. yes Lasers wasn't his best album but that was to please the label.This one is hot i don't care what nobody thinks. We also have to understand the trails he has been on to get to this point.( problems with label) so yes his flow is different. But as his fans we either embrace the craft that he is giving us or we don't and fall by the way side. i love Lupe and everything he puts out. He knows how to take something like the Cool from F&L and turn it into a whole album I.E The Cool. he is a great storyteller and he does it with such depth.
    keep up the amazing work Lupe i hope that you still want to rap and go out on your on real indi-style and put out music you love. your fan base is here and we wont leave you

  19. the evolution of Lupe's view on social issues is evident in this album. The anger, and frustration comes out, and is necessary, because hip hop continues to erode. The positive, more storytelling rhymes, showed on FL1, then in the Cool, the cynicism showed on certain tracks. In FL2 he is completely open, and honest,on his stance on the critical issues facing our country, regardless of public perception. It's an important album, and the one Lupe needed to do. This isn't a follow up to FL1, but rather his perception on the state of America and her people.


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