F&L2: TGARA Pt. 1 (Fan Reviews)

It's time to take a look at some fan reviews! After the we checked the journalists, we'll see what some fans said or wrote about the album before we give you our own opinion. - Links and videos below!

Narimane's Review

Chazer's Review

DeeSolSamich's Review

LOASO's Review

The River Court Review

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  1. I'm sorry but on Track #2, Strange Fruition, isn't only talking about blacks. I'm French Créoele by the way. Verbatim, the lyrics says, "Now I can't pledge allegiance to your flag cause I can't find no reconciliation with your past." The first two lines is about America's past. Don't forget what America is built off of: slaughtered innocent Native Americans (allusion to "take Columbus Day off the calendar. which he talks about on another track), slavery (blacks & native americans were slaves), and religion. But anyways, I just thought I should bring this up, America's history is very biased. The only story that is told is the winners. We all have to keep that in mind. I've been studying literature since I was in 6th grade. Although, verse 1 is short, and jumps to different stories. The verse actually says a lot but there's only so much you can say on a song. This isn't Paradise Lost by John Milton...I don't won't to leave a very detailed response (long post) so this is all I will say.


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