Brother Ali: "I think Lupe Fiasco is an important person for Hip-Hop Culture”

In a recent interview with the readers of RefinedHype and DJBooth Brother Ali was asked what he thinks about Lupe Fiasco and his current situation. Read below:

Q: “How do you feel about Lupe Fiasco's current situation regarding the stance he's claiming to make against the corruption and manipulation by major labels? Do you find his public discrepancies genuine or do you believe its merely for attention?”

Brother Ali: “I think that my brother Lupe is very sincere and genuine. I think that he thinks out loud. He doesn't feel any need to filter his genuine thoughts and sincere feelings from the public. He preaches it like he feels it.

That's what we should want from artists. We should want people they give it to us raw and uncut and without filter. I support him. I think he's an important person for hip-hop culture.”

Read the full interview HERE


  1. I hate when people say that Lu does what he does and says what he says just for attention. Yes it is for attention but it's not drawn towards him, it's attention for a cause. For a better world. People are just blind to the problems.

  2. ^^ Word...

    Also, this Ali guy.. He looks scary every time I see him :P

  3. He may look scary but he speaks a lot of truth

  4. 'important person'? The same thing could be said about brother Ali.

  5. Exactly! Thank you Michael!

    Brother Ali is that dude


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