Battle Scars is #1 in Australia for the 3rd Week!

Guy and Lupe spend another week at the top of the Australian ARIA single charts, making it 3 weeks over all now. If they stay on top for another week, it'll be Guy's longest #1 run on the charts after his first single “Angels Brought Me Here” managed to stay on top for 3 weeks in 2003.

In the States, Battle Scars is currently still #2 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts.

Purchase the track HERE

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  1. Like a senior citizen having a baby shower
    haters want a budget
    but my fans still love it
    so you ask them exactly WHO-I-ARE
    three weeks on number one I'm a SU-PER-STAR!

    I just had to do it lol.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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