Atlantic didn't want Lupe to do "Battle Scars"

In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph Lupe revealed that his label fought him on doing Battle Scars but Lupe wanted it so he made a deal with Guy to release it.

The song, which has sold 60,000 downloads in the US without any radio airplay, almost didn't happen when Fiasco's label tried to block the collaboration.

"I didn't want to do The Show Goes On but the label loved it so I finally did and it was a huge success. Here's the flip with Battle Scars; the label fought me on doing it so me and Guy did a deal to release it there."

Full article HERE


  1. Im with lupe it can go all the way

  2. LOL!!!! Battle Scars is the perfect radio fuckin atlantic stupid???

  3. The people of Atlantic honesty don't deserve to exist in this beautiful world. How can one be so obsessed over money and meaningless imagery to the point they would sacrifice a mans life? Their judgement with God will be swift.

  4. Tell him I said thank you. - snow white.


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