Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ HardknockTV [Part 1]

In part 1 of his interview with HardknockTV Lupe talks to Nick Huff Barili about his new album Food & Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album Pt.1

He talks about the concept of the album and how he used the book "A People's History of Poverty in America" as a reference point for the album.

Lupe also elaborates about visiting the Native American Reservation Pine Ridge after writing "Around My Way (Freedom Aint Free)", why the focus of his first single should be on the lyrics and not on the Pete Rock controversy, how walking in on his little sister listening to a song inspired the song Bad Bitch, why he posted a disclaimer for Lamborghini Angels and much more.

Part 2 next week!


  1. He says "There'll be 15 songs on one part and 15 songs on the other part" pretty loosely. 15 is just an average number for an album, I don't think we should take that number as official until an official tracklist is released, especially with there (probably) being intros/outros/interludes and possible last minute changes (like the addition of GTS).

  2. Same ol questions. I can think of a million things to ask Lupe

  3. the guy asking the questions sounds depressing as hell!lol im not expecting him to sound overly excited but damn he sounds like he just woke i couldnt even finish the video it took my mood down

  4. I think he means 15 full songs on each album. Plus intro and outro (So 17 tracks in total on each album). I personally think each album will be 16 tracks, like FNL 1was.

  5. I think it will be more than 15 songs... because he is releasing 6 songs before the album even comes out.

    And I've watched every single interview for the past few weeks and they all ask the same freaking questions -.-

  6. I agree with Henry and sweetest agony!!!!
    And lupe looked darn.. Same old

  7. Lupe vs Nardwuar needs to be done


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