1. of course they play Out Of My Head when he walks in and not his new stuff. gotta play them radio hits at 106!

  2. I bet it never gets played again lol


  3. ^^
    Yep, and that is a shame :(
    I would vote for it but I don't watch BET anymore.

  4. http://www.fuse.tv/2012/08/11-things-we-learned-from-lupe-fiascos-food-and-liquor-2-listening-session

  5. Not complaining or anything, but who is this guy hosting with Rocsi? Again, don't care much for Terrance or Rocy(however the f**K you spell her name >__>)in the first place, just kinda caught off guard..

    Anyway, I found it SOOOOOO ironic how she brings up and praises Lupe for illustrating the fact that kids listen to and are influenced by negative portrays/stereotypes in the Hip-hop and the Media in general....

    DESPITE the fact that the show, 106 & Park, that she host....EMBODIES ALLLLLL THE NEGATIVITY THAT "BITCH BAD" IS STANDING AGAINST.....I really don't know how she could discuss that with a straight face. -___-

    There's are a reason why I stopped watching 106 (and all of BET for that matter) a LONGGGGG TIME AGO.

    Back in the day, BET did HAVE a purpose and served us well as the black community by giving us more of a voice, when no one else would. But seeing what its become now......yea....sad to say that I don't really have the best opinion about B(lack).E(xploitation).T(elevision). Only keeping its people in a box, man. -__-

    (Btw, I am black for those out there wondering. NOT mixed either. >__>)


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