Video: Lupe Fiasco already has an Exit Strategy for the Music Industry!

Lupe sat down with Big Von of 106 KMEL and said that he already knows how he plans on making his "Grand Closing" from the industrial side of music.

He also revealed how he plans on dealing with social media's misleading sound bite culture: very few Lupe Fiasco interviews to go before he stops doing interviews altogether!


  1. I still wish LupE.N.D. was his grand closing.

    On a side note, that adidas jacket is so nice. Wish I could find that.

  2. they forced him to stay and make another 2 albums....the ONE good thing that atlantic Records has ever done. I'm honestly greatfull he's doing two more. once they come out, that'll be six albums he made already. enough for me to listen to for a lifitime. GO LUPE!


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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