1. ^ stop describing what you look like, u need some self esteem counseling.

    who's that girl Sebastian is crying for in xfactor show?

  2. ^^ Haha. So stupid :)

    Dude looks like a douche. Its reached consensus :p

    Btw, the girl guy is crying over is your mom. He banged her up and she aborted it, hence his tears :)

  3. ^^ I was thinking of something really bad to say to you but I paused and thought that maybe I shouldn't stoop low to your level cause I have class and you don't. That makes me a true lupe fan because he taught me positivity. I could go around saying to others I'm proud of myself but I guess u can't do the same. That's sad. Have a nice day.

  4. You insulted me, and I gave you twice as much in return. Can't deal? Then fuck off :)

    Take that "True" Lupe fan shit with you and shove it up your rectum :p

  5. ^ you insulted guy Sebastian , it's okay, other ppl insulted you and it's not fine.. Double standard. Maybe you're the one who can't deal with yourself.

    Gave me twice as much? Hahaha you don't even make a feel upset one bit.. Maybe you're upset you can't make me angry... Awwww are you mad? Go cry when you get back home or just crawl back in your cave.. Haha

    You want respect? Respect others first.

  6. I'm personally giving to the win the Stop hating.


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