Lupe's "out-of-this-world" concepts intrigue Trip Lee

In a recent interview with The BoomBox Trip Lee was asked to name a song or artist he heard over the years that really stuck out to him and he had the following to say:

I could think of a dude whose music I think has a lot of creativity, a lot of creative concepts is Lupe Fiasco. He's a dude who's creative, has concepts out-of-this-world. His first album, Food & Liquor, was my favorite one of his.

He has so many songs. He has one called "He Say, She Say." The first verse was a mother talking to the father of her baby basically like, "He wants you to be a father, he's your little boy. You don't even bother." And then the next one was the son saying the same thing. And I think a song like that, man, I really enjoyed it cause he communicates the issue that we all know is there, which is a lot of fatherless sons who don't have their dad around.

He starts to talk about some of the issues he's having at school and stuff and it hits you the first time around when the mom says it to him, and the second time around, same verse, just from the son's perspective and it hits you even more in another way 'cause, well, here's a little boy and he doesn't have his father. Those are the kinds of songs I think, "Man, that's a good concept, I wish I would have thought of that, wish I would have done it." But he killed it and I was appreciative of that song.

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  1. That's really cool to see people understanding what Lupe's about. Trip Lee is one of my favorites!


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