Lupe Fiasco wanted Chester Bennington on Beautiful Lasers

WTF?!?! This would have been so epic! Lupe wanted to have Linkin Park's Chester Bennington on Beautiful Lasers. Check his
tweets below:

Lupe x LP fun fact: tried like hell to get Chester on "Beautiful Lasers"!!! Hahaha ...So listen to "Beautiful Lasers" again and in your mind take off MDMA and put Chester there...Awesome right?!? Yeah I know...tell me about it.


  1. That will be epic!!!!! Darrrrnnn!!

  2. Why tell us this NOW though? That is so maddening man, lol. Now every time I listen to Beautiful Lasers I'm gonna be thinking "Chester should've been on this shit!" Oh well, hopefully Lu and Linkin Park will collab in the future. That is my dreeeam collab.

  3. Hahaha Lupe pretty much said fuck MDMA. Poor guy.


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