Lupe Fiasco to cause an even bigger stir w/ "Lamborghini Angels" Video?

After this huge discussion over the Bitch Bad video broke out over the last few days, especially caused through the
Spin article, Lupe just took to
Twitter and predicted that things might even get worse when the
Lamborghini Angels vid comes out:

Damn all this for #BitchBad...might have to to get the bulletproof vest out when #LamborghiniAngels video drops...

Based on the content of the track, the video could definitely be quite the shocker depending on how far they'll really take it. What do you think?


  1. This dude always pushes the envelope!!!!

    That's why he's the greatest To do it


  2. This sexy pic makes me wanna do some pull up's

  3. That pic is causing a big stir ifyaknowwhatimean. lol

    excuse me.

  4. Shits about to get real.


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