Battle Scars debuts at #1 in Australia

As far as I'm concerned we have a premiere right here. Battle Scars is the first #1 single Lupe has ever scored. The Guy Sebastian song that features Lu just debuted at #1 on the Australian single charts. - Congrats to that!

Closest non feature single that almost got this far was "The Show Goes On" which peaked on #2 in Australia last year.


  1. Wait, daydream nor kick push never reached #1 status?

  2. Why would Daydreamin' or Kick Push hit #1? Lol

  3. i'm hungry for moar lupe news. nom nom nom! FEED ME.

    Can't wait for FnF's(1st&15th) FFF(Form Follows Function) 8/28. Thats alot of F's.

  4. battle scars video


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