Video: Lupe Fiasco talks about the inspiration for "Bitch Bad" w/ Jenny Boom Boom

Lupe was at Hot 93.7 in Hartford, Connecticut recently and he sat down with Jenny Boom Boom. Along with discussing the current state of Hip Hop, Food & Liquor 2 and voting, he also reveals how his little sisters indirectly inspired some of the narrative on "Bitch Bad".

Also, hit the jump for another interview with DJ Buck where Lupe says that some songs on Food & Liquor 2 might cause some people to burn and bulldoze the album.


  1. Shout out too Lupe for mentioning Korean pop.

    It's the best thing too happen too music since hip-hop first came out.

    It's becoming popular for a good reason.

    The creativity, modern music technology, genre diversity, originality, beats is a lot more than America's oligarchical music industry.

    Do yourself a favor and listen too a GD&TOP, Tablo/Epik High, PSY, Leessang, Big Bang, Drunken Tiger, BAP, MBLAQ album. There's a lot more talent in this world than America. And most of it is in Korea.

  2. ^ Loptimist - Mind Expander is my favourite Korean Hip Hop album.

    on another note these ppl interviewing Lupe sound like idiots.

  3. ohhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnn. lupe came hard at the end of the interview and schooled these fools. PROPS LU!! lol

  4. usually when u see different interviews with the same aritist taking place around the same time u get bored cuz its same questions same answers but i am amazed i have watch like 4 interviews so far and they are all different he talks about different things even his response to the same question is different

  5. Geez Jenny talks a lot and sooooo fast


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