Lupe Fiasco visits Pine Ridge and Whiteclay

After mentioning the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the opening lines of Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) Lupe went on a road trip yesterday to actually check the situation out himself.

Check pics and Tweets below.

Guess where I am??? Me and @StringBizness on a Road Trip to say "Peace 2 Pine Ridge" in person...

It's very empty town right across reservation/state lines with just liquor stores...

...Shame at all the damage the White Man wine did...


  1. Peace to Pine Ridge! A shame, all the damage that the white man's wine did...

  2. The blackman's lyrics hold the strength of the buffalo and the spirit of the running water. His head also resembles a field of dead tall grass.

  3. Thanks Lupe for spreading the truth and awareness. Here in Australia there is exactly the same problem created for the Aboriginals. And no solution in sight. It really is genocide.

  4. Same thing happened in South Africa... And they did all this shit in the name of Christianity? :/

    What those Europeans did has cemented the imbalance between rich and poor throughout the world. I see no change forthcoming, everything has been set in place. Cruelty, injustice, ignorance and intolerance are commonplace. Its like Jaahiliyya..

    Sorry to get all intense, but this is true, and I feel like The Almighty will soon fulfill his promise. Salaam :)

    "I hope I get it correct, before the sun rises in the West"
    _Lupe Fiasco

  5. much respect 2 Lupe, its near impossible to get some acknowledgement from anybody, let alone a superstar. Hopefully more people follow that lead and take interest in the original people of the land that birthed many things (including hip hop)

    Native babies were literally raped in the ass by catholic priests, BABIES, in residential schools. and not just a couple kids. ALL KIDS got it. They sure aint put that part in ya history books. how the fuck do you bounce back from that?? and thats only a small portion of the horror......but they dont hear me tho


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