Lupe Fiasco talks music on the Radio w/ Examiner

A whole lot of interviews went down while Lupe was at Ultra Lounge in DC. Here's another one. Lupe talked about music on the radio and what he thinks of it plus more.

FiveMikes - Absolutely. I work with young boys every day...One thing we always come back to talking about is...Hip Hop. We talk about what's on the radio, and we talk about what they're listening to. When we're talking about music; when we talk about 'Who's your top 5?" Lupe never comes up. I'm always the one saying...You need to listen to Lupe, Talib, Mos...Why is that...

Lupe - Everybody has their opinion on what's "real," and what's they choose to listen to and their personal preference. Whether they're 2 years old or 200 years old. And people can listen to whatever they want. I never want to be an artistic bully, and put myself above anyone else...or be more prestigious than anyone else.

You like what you like, and you have to take that as you want it. If you want to listen to that stuff every day in and day out and think it has no affect on you. If you like perpetuating violence...if you like perpetuating negativity, so be it, I'm not knocking you.

Read the full interview HERE


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