Audio: Lupe Fiasco says the President kills little Kids

Lupe did another interview with Power 99 in Philly, this time with Mina SayWhat. He talked about Food & Liquor 2, Nas, wanting a Damian Marley feature, Hip Hop and the President (@ 9:06).

On one hand you have someone who is a great speaker, but kills little children, our president.

He's a great leader though, he's a great speaker, he has a good heart, he inspires people to do better for themselves, he truly cares (or so he says) he truly cares for the people of this country, he's truly a citizen of this world but he also kills little kids... ...and just to level it out, every president was like that.


  1. Little kids AND innocent men and women.

    Obama is a predator drone president,
    I don't care is Ron Paul going to win or not.. I'm writing him in.
    Peace 2012

  2. the stupid cunt interviewing him is blindly obedient to authority and believes in these non-existent threats.

    [about 9/11] ''Obviously a horrible atrocity but, you know I reacted pretty much the way people did around the world. Terrible atrocity, but unless you're in Europe and the United States you know, or Japan I guess, you know, it's nothing new. That's the way the imperial powers have treated the rest of the world for hundreds of years. This is historic event but not, unfortunately not because of scale but for the nature of the atrocity, but because of who the victims were. You look through hundreds of years of history, the imperial countries have been basically immune. There's plenty of atrocities, but they're somewhere else.''

    Are people actually naive and dumb enough to believe these wars are fought to protect us and our freedoms? lol

    Read a book by noam chomsky or watch a john pilger documentary and you'll get nothing but FACTS (no rhetoric or euphemisms. just FACTS)

    1. 100% agree with u. The interviewer just a dumb ignorant person. Lupe is the only rapper willing to speak the truth.

    2. 100% agree with u. The interviewer just a dumb ignorant person. Lupe is the only rapper willing to speak the truth.

  3. I hate people calling Lupe 'preachy' or saying '' he's getting too political ''.

    If a rapper tries to sell me german cars, french champagne and italian clothes, that's political.

    It is reinforcing the political doctrines of capitalism, materialism and European/white supremacy.

    You might say, 'America has a black president'. Well, he caters to the interests of big corporations (who put billions into his campaign). I wonder who owns these corporations and what they look like.

    1. let's insure that we give credit to akala for having said this...

  4. Naturally we as humans have a tendency to be very dismissive and choose to ignore the opinions of those who have opinions we disagree with because it makes us uncomfortable. We can't be like this, we need to look at the world with a more humane and flexible perspective. The lady who interviewed Lu took offense to his statement about Obama and kept dismissing his other arguments, but it's the truth. He's not making it up to shock or insult anyone, he's trying to get people to wake up to the facts. And the drug dealer comparison he made about innocent bystanders, especially young children getting caught in the cross fire was a great point! I'm going to use that if I'm ever in need.

  5. Oh Lu,smh *puts head down* Btw, I can see Lu do a track with Damien Marley. Every time I listen to Distant Relatives I think how cool it would have been to have Lu on one of those tracks.

  6. ^ Was that a swipe?

    Anyway, I don't give a fuck about Obama. I'm here in Africa and you should have seen how people here have raved.

    Yet they don't know SHIT about it. They just like him coz he's black.. Reminds me of a Chris Rock joke off of don't shoot the messanger.

    "You want strawberry?"
    No! Chocolate!! Chocolate! Gimme CHOCOLATE!!

  7. Its funny because only in the states are people so tight lipped and being outspoken to things like that are people dissapointed

  8. Interviewer sounds like she has down syndrome.

  9. "sometimes the president has to make tough decisions"

    ...Im sick and tired of Americans (and other imperalist western nations) acting like their lives are somehow worth more than the lives of those overseas. If drones were being dropped in American school playgrounds and weddings daily, it would be an outrage and cause for unapologetically violent action against "terrorists" (i.e., innocent civilians). But when they themselves are the terrorists (which is nearly always), its justified.. of course.. makes perfect sense (sarcasm).

    Oh and the olympics... what a fine distraction from the world's problems. At a time of sociopolitical and economical chaos, a time when the world is folding in on itself with a mere handful of people calling people to wake up, we have an international sporting event that has hypnotized people into caring more about who crosses the finish line first than who is starving or dying today (smells like capitalism).

  10. ^ No sensible American thinks that shit. It's talk like that that never provides a solution. Capitalism isn't a problem, corrupt niggas is. Human nature is. The white man had the advantage in the beginning of modern society. They never stopped using it. Simple as that. No one can ever stop human nature. No one can stop the future.

  11. @ lyfe .. Im not saying sensible Americans think that, im saying im sick and tired of hearing the so-called justifications of Americans who do happen to think that way. People standing behind the killing of civilians as a "necessary evil" towards freedom, are the people who I'm talking about...they are (whether they realize it or not) making the statement that the sons and daughters of say an Iraqi or Afgani are not as valuable as their own.. because if that happend here, the casualities would not be considered "collateral damage".. they would be innocent lives lost to injustice and terrorism. Our newsmedia and governments use dehumanizing language when it comes to others, but wouldn't dare do that to our own.. thats what im taking about when I say some Americans devalue the lifes of those overseas.

    ... This mentality isn't limited to America though; ignorance is a world-wide phenomenon.

    In terms of your comment about capitalism not being a problem...Corportations that thrive on capitalism are the problem because they feed into the military industrial complex that causes incentives for Americans to become militant in the first place. You're right about it being corrupt individuals also, but those individuals are part of a larger system of oppression with white privelge (as you mentioned)and imperalism as its legacy.

    "No one can stop human nature" .. true; but we can certainly make the human condition better through improving ourselves and the communities we live in.

  12. ^correction to my comment above ..

    "Our newsmedia and governments use dehumanizing language when it comes to others, but wouldn't dare do that to our own.. "

    ... I thought about it.. and we do in fact use dehumanizing language towards fellow Americans in the news.. we do so with black, indigenous, and latino people as well as the poor, disabled, and disenfranchised.

  13. why he never tweets anything about the massacre in Burma

  14. damn Lupe is soooo patient.
    i wanted to yell at the interviewer... so i went to her site and posted as nice a comment as i could manage.


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