Video: Killer Mike on Lupe Fiasco Fans & the Polarization of Hip Hop

In a recent interview, Killer Mike describes the extremes in Hip-Hop and how Lupe Fiasco fans can consider themselves "elitist". After watching it, I took to twitter to discuss it with Killer Mike because I felt like he was putting the responsibility of the attitudes of the fans on Lupe. But we hashed it all out.

What do you think?

Watch the video above. He starts talking about Lupe at 4:45.


  1. who gives a shit?

    food and liquor 2 on the way son!

  2. Elitist? No.

    But he is correct in that you have some people that automatically dismiss certain artist/the only rap they listen to is Lupe as they deem other rap as "trash" or "dumbed down" or "sellouts" or simply not as good as Lupe's.

    The thing is Lupe has preached that we need both the "positive" and the "negative" music before, it's just that right now 95% of the music that reaches the masses is negative...

    Something needs to be done about that huge percentage and Lu is part of the solution.

  3. Some of ya'll do act like elitists. Myself included at times. Like how fans diss new fans who only knew lu after lasers. Or how if he ain't going over a jazzy hip hop beat its "wack". Everyone always thinks their musical taste is superior but really it's subjective. Everyone should give a fair shake at music and expand their horizon. I base my dislike of a song on whether its bringing anything new to the table and I hate artists that put out the same music. I guess that comes from my opinion that non-progression is safe, boring, and one dimensonal.

  4. Music is art. Simple as that. It's not straight forward preaching and babbling of "positivity." It's simply shit you like. You have to be your own person to appreciate it. 95% reaching the masses is negative? That's silly.

    R.A.P. Music is my shiihhh

  5. I truly agree to this convo

  6. Lupe fans can be obnoxious. I love Lupe but the fans are annoying sometimes.

  7. It's me again.............I just thought of something. Lupe Fiasco fans are very obnoxious. But it's kinda cool in a way. It's like being a Lupe fan is about more than just being a fan. It is about being apart of a positive movement.

  8. I agree with this man. Fuck all yall stans that have nothing to do with hip hop besides lupe

  9. I wouldn't say I am an elitist, I don't compare Lupe to others, but when someone starts saying Drake, or Lil Wayne, or Rick Ross is the best rapper, I will come in and argue that Lupe is better, because in my mind he is, Lupe sets himself apart from the others, they ALL rap about the same stuff, and even tho the average ignorant fan likes it, that fan is probably a person that like only listens to crap on the radio and if it talks about sex, hoes, drugs, alcohol and partying, the average ignorant fan will love it, and they are too ignorant to realize the negative message that music brings out


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