Bassnectar talks about Lupe w/ Complex

Complex Mag interviwed Bassnectar and asked about his collabo with Lu. Check out what he said after the jump!

There are a lot of interesting collaborations on your album like the one with Lupe Fiasco. I’m interested in knowing what the process is. Are people knocking on your door asking to collab with you?

For the most part, I love collaborating and it’s actually a process that I prefer to making music on my own. Having made a lot of music on my own it’s gratifying because I’m a control freak. But it’s more gratifying to mesh with another mind and my background is being in bands. It’s fun for me. I don’t usually take the jobs like Flo Rida. I’m not looking for high-profile, but I wouldn’t run from it. I’d happily work with Mos Def or Erykah Badu.

Fuck yeah, bring that shit on. I really do what comes naturally, and usually that’s working with my friends. Like some of my best friends in the world, the way we cool out is by sitting there and geeking out. There’s no cooling about it—it’s all geek, and it’s just a fun way. Like, ‘What do you want to do? Let’s make a tune.’ With Lupe Fiasco, I’ve been a fan of his music and his personality for a long time. Getting to meet him, we realized we had the same birthday and he’s a really playful and intellectual phenomenon to me.

Lupe’s just so unique and confident and strange and intellectual and so I wanted to make music with him just because I wanted our brains to play together. I was really excited for how that tune “Vava Voom” came out, because I really wanted to make a big heavy 808 hip-hop banger. And I had that song that was kind of in form with the little circus loop and I started tweaking with it and it turned into that little hypnosis sound and I tossed it over that beat.

I had the chorus in my head and I kind of fake rapped it to him and he took it and he made it sound proper. He did the verses just completely off of his head like complete improv—just insanity with double meanings. The song was about two and a half minutes long and he ended saying “Boom!” and I was, like, “I got to fucking drop something here.” So I did.

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