Video: Lupe Fiasco visits The Morning Riot

Lupe Fiasco talks with WGCI's Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot about Food and Liquor 2, Pete Rock, the youth movement in Chicago rap, and lessons he's learned from speaking his mind.
Lupe says he got Pete Rock's blessing to remake the T.R.O.Y. beat prior to releasing the track. Also says that he had full control over Food & Liquor 2, no label interference.


  1. "full control over Food & Liquor 2, no label interference"

    thank you god

  2. I believe Food&Liquor2 is going to be, Hot the single already putting on some flames!

  3. Proof right there that Lupe never really wanted to "revolutionize" the world.

    He really doesn't and his music really did feel like that to me.
    I mean it did make me change most definitely, though. :D


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