Video: LeCrae talks Lupe Fiasco & appreciation for Rappers w/ Substance

Lecrae sits down with Hard Knock TV's Nick Huff Barili for an in-depth interview. Lecrae starts the interview off by addressing being labeled Christian hip hop instead of just a hip hop artist and preconceptions people have about him because he raps about Jesus.

The interview continues with him explaining the meaning behind the track Chase That and after performs a verse from it. When asked who he is currently listening to he mentions Lupe, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Big K.R.I.T saying he appreciated rappers with substance because radio these days just has people feeling like life is just about the club.

Lecrae goes on about not having positive male role models growing up and now wanting to be that person for others as he is working with youth and kids in prison. Part 1 of this interview ends with Lecrae talking about Jeremy Lin who listens to him before the game.

PREVIOUSLY: LeCrae - Church Clothes [Mixtape]


  1. Lecrae is AMAZING at what he does. Its so cool that he he listens to Lupe. Those are two of my favorites!

  2. Lupe and Big K.R.I.T.? Much respect to Lecrae. Much respect. :)

  3. Lecrae and Lupe are my favorite artists. This is really cool to watch! Don't sleep on Lecrae, whether you're a Christian or not, he makes good music.

  4. "So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.

  5. Whats so amazing about him? I listened to his music and didn't like it at all.

  6. Well everybody has their own preferences. I, personally, said he's amazing because of the music he's capable of making. He was able of blending his religion with hip hop and also include real life situations into it all. He doesn't rap about women, cars, or money. He raps about morals and positivity and relates it to rap fans in a positive way. That's my personal reason and opinion. I respect yours.


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