RHOyal Fiasco's ticket Giveaway: Before the Show

In collaboration with us, RHOyal Fiasco gave away some tickets to people who've never seen Lupe live. Today, the show will go down @ CSU. Check below for pics of the winners and more.

Hello All,

As you know, I gave away 3 Lupe Fiasco tickets about a month ago on this blog. Well the time has come... It's SHOWTIME!!! I'm so excited for them that I just wanted to share it with the rest of you. Here are the winners, tickets in hand, who will be in the house to see Lupe live for the first time as I celebrate seeing him for my 25th time:

Isaiah Morales
Narimane Nekkab
Noe Araujo

In addition to those three, I also bought a frat brother and sorority sister of mine who both are huge fans of Lupe but have never seen him live tickets as well. I think I'm more excited for all five of them to see him for the first time than I am about this being my 25th time! I just think Lu is amazing and I had to spread the love. Once again, thanks to you Lu, for all that you do. And thanks to the LupEND blog for treating me like family...

I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes! FNF UP!

-The Girl with the Lupe Tattoo, RHOyal Fiasco


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