Pics x Review: Lupe Fiasco @ City Hall in Denver

Lupe performed at City Hall in Denver yesterday. Westword comes through with some pics and a review of the show. Check a short excerpt and more pics below!

Lupe Fiasco loves his fans, and clearly the feeling is mutual. The more he gave last night, the brighter his Lasers shone. The connection Fiasco has with his fans is unmistakable. At one point he stopped the show to ask a fan if he was enjoying himself before allowing him to choose the next song...

Read the full review HERE

First pic courtesy of Critical Thought / Others via Britt Chester

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  1. Overall the concert was okay. I had never heard of the opening acts before even though they were all local to Denver. So to listen to them for a couple hours was a little rough since I was unfamiliar with their songs.

    Lupe's set didn't disappoint, although I felt it was a little short and wanted a few more songs. There was a freestyle he did and I hope to find video of it to hear everything he said since I didn't record any because my phone sucks at recording video.

    6th time seeing him live! Now I just have to wait until Tuesday to hear the new single.


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