Lupe Fiasco recites "Food & Liquor 2" lyrics @ Cornel West Retirement

Singer and activist Harry Belafonte, rapper Lupe Fiasco and funk musician George Clinton gathered in McCarter Theatre on Wednesday to celebrate the retirement of African American studies professor Cornel West GS ’80.

Fiasco said the title of his sophomore album, “The Cool,” was inspired by a conversation the two had in which West spoke of the importance of altering societal perceptions of what is ‘cool’ and what isn’t. His third album, “Lasers,” stands for "Love Always Shines, Remember to Smile,” which he also said was inspired by West’s thoughts.

Furthermore, his forthcoming album — which will be called “Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album” — references West directly.

The lyrics of one song, called "It’s Hood Now," read, “The Ivy League was running really well; then they slipped up and let Cornel in. It’s hood now.”

via The Daily Princetonian // Photo via Christine A. Scheller

Superstar performance video below!


  1. I thought he got a haircut before I realized he was wearing a hat

  2. Maybe one of Fiasco's albums can spin off Dr. West's 'Matters' books like 'Rap Matters' or 'Hip-Hop Matters'

    Enjoy retirement Dr. West!

  3. See this is what I've been saying for the looooooongest time. People call LASERS haters "lupe haters" or "not real fans" but that isn't the case at all.

    We know what Lupe is all about. Lasers was originally suppose to be based around the LASERS Manifesto, but Atlantic wanted the album that YOU Lasers lovers love and defend right now.

    Lasers was suppose to be filled with tracks like I'm Beamin and Shining Down, but Atlantic wanted pop crap.

    I have no problems with people that like LASERS, I just hate those that act like people that don't like Lasers are not real fans" or are just hating on it because they can't let go of the past or something.

    Lasers was suppose to be another classic album under Lupe's belt, but unfortunately Atlantic got in the way...

    Anyway can't wait for


  4. Ahhhh! I posted on the wrong one -____-

  5. I hope he will still use that 'Intro' he spit last year. SO CRAZY!!!! L.A.S.E.R.S 4 Life. FNF UP!

  6. Lasers was a great Album, but F&L and The Cool were classics. And personally i love Friend of The People as a classic album. Lasers was a great album tho so i get mad at my fellow Lupe followers who have been a hardcore Lupe fans since the beginning because yall act like Lasers was trash. And yall couldn't be any more wrong. but at the same time, these new lupe fans who like his last album either haven't heard the first 2 or are deep enough to like the 1st 2 albums. And Lasers isn't on the level of those 2 but it's still an elite album just not classic

  7. Hey, at least we know LASERS will be as poppy/commercial as Lupe will ever get. I mean, really, have ya'll HEARD that new shit B.o.B. just released? It's coated in so much candy-rainbow-gloss pop I think I developed diabetes. That is a true sell-out right there.

  8. If it weren't for Lasers, I wouldn't have heard of Lupe. I'm a rock n roll fan. Lasers led me to Lupe (actually his performance on the Colbert Report). That led me to The Cool which led me to Food & Liquor which led me to the mixtapes and other unreleased material.

    I liked Lasers, but after hearing his other stuff, I dig those even more. Lupe is a genius whose lyrical content is deeper than most musicians of any genre. I was never a big rap fan, but because of him and others like him, it's all I've been listening to lately. All because of Lasers.

    So everyone can just calm down and keep your eyes towards this new album coming out.

  9. ^ yay an Anonymous that appreciates diversity!

  10. ^It's not about appreciating diversity. LASERS is not like FOTP where Lupe had FULL control over his shit. FOTP was Lupe showing off his versatility, while LASERS was Lupe making the best of a FUCKED up situation. Seriously a lot of the production on the album sounded like something Flo Rida would pick up..

  11. That's very kind of Lupe to do this. Just like Dr. Cornel West inspired you, you have inspired others as well! I don't think you know, then again might. Love you Lupe!

  12. To all you Lasers haters, it was supposed to be an amazing album but Atlantic cut amazing tracks like Stereo Sun, Nothin on You & Airplanes(gave them to B.oB) Lupe had amazing songs for his albums but Atlantic cut them from the album. Don't be hating on Lupe, Atlantic was the reason behind that bs.

  13. Lupe is great.
    If anything about any of his albums sucked,
    its Atlantics fault, not his.

  14. And its true originally Airplanes and Nothing on You were Lupe's but they were given to B.o.B, and look how much success they got him.


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