Lupe Fiasco expresses his anger toward Pete Rock on Sway in the Morning

After missing his flight yesterday and not being able to attend RapFix Live Lupe called in to SwayInTheMorning  on Shade 45 today. He talked about this whole situation involving Pete Rock again... while we thought that it was all sorted out now... Lupe tells a different story in the interview.. check it out yourself.

PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way [Audio]


  1. Damn!! Lupe is Maaad, the coolest black man in the world in mad. You know some shit went down....

  2. Damn!! Lupe is Maaad, the coolest black man in the world in mad. You know some shit went down....

  3. Lmao. My nigga Lu went in. Can't blame him though. The record is fresh anyway.

  4. Wow, I don't think that Lupe has sounded so mad before, lol. And he has my full support. I mean, I love Pete Rock too, but the facts aren't on his side.

  5. I Freaking love Ghetto Lupe....Shit on Pete Lu

  6. Pete Rock a bitch. I don't see why he even went on twitter to rant. First off, Lupe been rapped over that Sample with Dopeboy Freestyle. 2nd) The minute he come out with the song its trending and he want to be involved now that the song hot he feel that's his way of a comeback that shit pissed me off.

  7. Damn I scared of Lu now lol
    That nigga is annnnngry! Holy Shit!

    Pete Rock lost, it's a shame when you got a hip hop legend like Pete Rock acting like this.

  8. Man after reading his tweets and seeing Lu hadn't responded on Twitter I knew it wasn't resolved that easily, but Pete Rock is salty for that! I actually use to respect Pete Rock always telling my friends hip hop had the greats back in the early days and how they didn't use to beef over stupid shit. Guess I was wrong!

  9. Pete Rock.. Ridiculous man.. Still rock with his music, but Lupe is definitely right in this. Don't know why he stirred all this controversy.

  10. Fuck... Lu pissed. First time I heard him angry like this :|

  11. Damn I guess Lu still got a bit of that side in him lol. But as for Pete thats a sucka move hes just looking for everybody to call him a legend on a daily basis and since that might not have been happening he wanted the spotlight on him

  12. aaaand now there's a whole bunch of sheep, blind haters, and people who "sided" with Pete that feel dumb.

    This, folks, is why we wait for the whole story.

  13. #OhShitAlert
    This is good AND bad. He's got that fire in him right now and it is publicity. Would prefer good publicity, even more because it is a positive song.

    Can he release an album without drama? Damn. Was the Cool released without a problem? Can't remember. F&L leaked. Lasers.. we all know.

  14. Guess Pete Rock is just a bitch, huh? :)

    "Punk ass niggas, don't be so daft"

    I had actually thought it was a publicity statement, gotta admit. Guess it was though. Lupe angry *-*

  15. That #OhShitAlert is right though. WHY the FUCK are people always on Lupe's back?? Goddamn...

    I make dua for him though. This man is my hero..

    Salaam :)

  16. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

    When Pete said they settled the issue with TROY I knew something was fishy. Pete went on a rant about how the track was untouchable and after one phone call all of a sudden all is forgiven? I knew something was wrong. Pete said this was the FIRST time Lupe talked to him about the record and was like "that isn't Lupe at all. I'm sure he would have tried to reach him in some way prior to making the record."

    BUT all of these old school hip-hop fucker fans tryin to take Pete's side and act like LUPE FIASCO has no respect for the genre of Hip-Hop.

    My nigga LUPE FIASCO is the GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME. I don't give a shit what anyone says. I've said it before:

    Lupe as a rapper > Pete as a producer, FACT.

    To see Pete Rock shit on Lupe like that and disrespect him like that saying his version is "wack" and shit... I was like damn this nigga Pete is the first nigga in HIP-HOP who has some sort of mutual respect for what he did in the game to come out and say LUPE FIASCO is WACK.

    I really wanted to know what was going on because I know Lupe. Lupe LOVES hip-hop. He'd NEVER go over a CLASSIC track ESPECIALLY one that he KNOWS is a personal and an emotional record without permission. The Lupe Fiasco that we all know and love would NEVER do that. To see Pete going on a twitter rant like a child instead of taking to Lupe had me scratching my head.

    I'm glad Lupe went street in this interview. My nigga Lu showed that he from madison st in west side of the CHI despite what his mellow personality might suggest.

    All respect I have for Pete Rock as a human being is lost. I'll respect him for producing a classic in T.R.O.Y, but that is where my respect ends.

    Lupe did TROY a favor. TROY came out 20 years ago. There are a lot of teens and kids that are growing up in the "club era" of hip-hop that have never heard of TROY, but are now being introduced to it because of Around My Way.

    Lupe said he don't know how he can roll with someone who shitted and disrespected him like that when he did nothing to deserve it and I agree.

    I really hope Lu can move on from this in a timely fashion. Everything was going so smoothly for Lu for this album this time around until this incident.

    FNF UP!

    FNL2:TGARA P1!

  17. wHY IS lu ALWAYS surrounded by controversy all this is probably Atlantic's doing publicity y'all rap game is like WWE DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE YO.




  19. Um no. This is all Pete's fault. Pete was bitching on twitter for no reason.

  20. Wow I have so little respect for Pete Rock now. Honestly before Lu's record, I hadn't heard of the song or him. I'm sure other people are in the same boat as me. But to call out the song like that is so selfish. To me it seems less like he's dissapointed in someone using the song as he is dissapointed in being unknown. Like he's only arguing for publicity. I'm sure other people have used the beat or sampled it, but once Lupe's goes big, it's suddenly a problem. The situation is so suspicious, and I agree with the guy saying Lupe was also wrong. I love him but for god's sake settle this like adults. If he's not settling this right over the phone, talk to him. Don't lose your cool on the radio.

  21. Mad ass washed up producer... upset because probably some of his goofy NY brethren was hating and so to save face he hopped on the bandwagon to please his comrades.....If he was thinking he could of had a whole generation rocking with him that hadn't in the past. Lupe wack?.. ..thats an oxymoron..truly....fuckouttahere

  22. I agree Pete is acting like a bitch ass nigga right now. He should handle things man to man not on twitter trying to make Lupe look bad. He only making his self look stupid I will always be supportive of Lupe he's a respectful guy while Pete is acting like little bitch who is wrong for this settle this Pete the right way.

  23. ima go ahead and caution the youth on here not mistake their own awareness for a general lack of notoriety on Pete's part.

    that's half the problem with 2012 hip hop as it is, yall dont know nothing bout your predecessors and think yall original.
    ^This is a general comment by the way.

    I'm not defending Pete, he messed this up for sure, by running his mouth without getting the full story.
    but regardless, last thing you new school cats need to be doing is slandering Pete Rock. He might be bad at PR, but he's still sonning ANY producer you call your favorite in 2012

  24. thank you Bakes. I agree Pete Rock was in the wrong here ( if one knows pete rock they should know that he does this stuff all the time).

    To all of you cats dissing Pete rock & thinking he is some unknown old guy..maybe you should do some research? Pete Rock is a legend. Check the history.

    " lupe as a rapper > Pete Rock as a producer. FACT"

    no its not. That comparison doesn't work at all.

  25. SORRY bakes i was a big Lu fan but i'm out on this 1.

    There is 1 reason Lupe and his team / atlantic used the beat and it's not to pay homage the track has no homage in it he made it was all about causing controversy good or bad and therefore publicity for the new album release.

    As for the kids on here that don't know Pete rock is one of the greats and was one of Dilla's biggest inspirations.

    Don't call yourself a Lupe or Hip-Hop fan if you don't know who Pete Rock is realtalk !

  26. Made an amazing beat which everybody should know but its obvious he was just looking for the limelight..and in the worst way possible. Twitter? really? Your a grown up, act like it and talk man to man if you got a problem

  27. Don't know why everybody just takes Lupe as his word.. I'm sure Pete Rock will have an entirely different story. For those of us not involved we can never know the truth. regardless of what Lupe or Pete rock says.

    I love Lupe but , its hard to care what he says apart from music.

  28. Come on Pete... smh :-( and fuck that comment on the clip that queations lupes confidence Yes nigga he said greatest of all time!!! The Fuck you questioning for? Some hold up B?? No nigga please shutup i honestly can't name a better record out right now..... so please shutup FRED OWNES!!!!! Stupid ass comments.... this nigga lupe back in his perfect form and we still got niggas hating. He probably thought lupe saying he the best to ever rap over the beat..... FUCK yes. I mean Lupe knows for a fact himself that nobody could ever be compared to the original lyrics, but as far as this joint being remade yes nigga he the best fuck outta here with that bull ass shit

  29. Yeah you right............ Anonymous LUPEISWRONG............

    *logs in as sean and deletes comment*

    F#$@% outta here.....

    lupe be lying about release dates but lupe WOULD NEVER LIE ON A LEGENDARY PRODUCER so get the F#@$

    and dont shit on young ones who don't know the song the fact that they are on here saying they never heard of dude prooves the fan of lupes point even more. My bad im just pissed no disrespect to yo comment but i really thought that was ignorant...


  30. " lupe as a rapper > Pete Rock as a producer. FACT"

    Im a lupe fan to the fullest but nigga you reaching hard as a b@#$! lol there can be an argument but it aint a fact maybe when lupe retire but nah.... not yet

  31. Out of respect, I'm not going to throw in my opinion on this because it's all been said. However, I will say that it's very unfortunate that "nonsense" continues to get in the way of his message:

    “For me I was more focused on what we were talking about in the record. Right? It’s serious times out here, we’re trying to put out some serious music with a serious message. That was the whole point. All this nonsense that n***** is playing on the radio and all this nonsense n***** see on TV, we’re trying to come be the counterbalance of that and come up with something positive. Something in the midst of all this nonsense that n***** rockin’ with.” - Lu

    And to those who think Lu said "I'm the best to ever do it" as in he himself as a rapper. To clarify, I think he was saying that Pete is saying "Its hard n***** can't get their own hits. That's why I think I'm the best to ever do it." Then Lu goes, "Like what are you talking about Pete?" Go listen again, it's at 6:58

    And Pete did actually tweet "So untalented and unoriginal. Makes me feel like I'm truly the best that ever did it. Yo hev and t-Roy I love and miss da shit outta y'all"

  32. Lu is not fucking around haha

  33. It's impossible to fuck with lu

  34. Why Pete Rock Has The Right To Be Mad About Lupe Fiasco Stealing T.R.O.Y.

    ^ y'all should read this very well written piece.

    1. It was a great written article and everyone has their own opinion. But they say Lupe did not clear it with Pete Rock which he did and stated in many different interviews. Lupe doesn't have to cause beef to get noticed. And the more we find out the more it does look funny on Pete's part. Like Lupe said many people have gone in over TROY. But why shit on him?

  35. I wanted to wait until the album came out to get this song. But after hearing the whole story I went ahead and bought Around My Way. That was just wrong what Pete did. Gotta show my man Lupe some support here.

  36. "said many people have gone in over TROY. But why shit on him?"

    How many of these people have remade the exact classic beat and released it as their lead single to an album without giving a penny or any credit to the original producer ?

    Exactly . . .

    Not even a shout out or reference in the entire track . . . Homage ? lol What a joke

    I respect LUPE but this whole shit is retarded and the sampling of this classic beat has taken all focus from his lyrics and track that could have been great if he just used an original beat man I mean this aint a mixtape.

  37. I mean I was/am lookin real forward to Lupe album and the hype around it being another classic BUT the thing that makes classic HIP-HOP albums are not just the lyrics but the beats !!!

    I mean he has access to some of the best producers so why would you go over an already established iconic beat for your album ? you can't make something classic going over something that is already immortal it just seems like a terrible decision by lu and his entire team I dunno what they were thinkin,

    Do you think Ilmatic woulda been classic if say Nas was rhyming over a Paid in Full beat for example . . .

    If i was LU i'd drop this and remake it over an original beat or jus leave it completely og album the beef is now just gonna distract from everythin.

    anyway it is what it is I'm out

    peace 2 lu and every1 else

  38. It's great to hear anger in lupe's voice. It made me give more respect to him because of his passion towards hip hop.. Since when hip hop is about the beat? It's about the lyric in the first place and lupe rocked it. Pete should be ashamed of himself.

    Never hear him mad like this.. Damn I love it!!!

  39. Lu sounded like a straight-up G on the radio. I can hear Chi-Town all in his voice...I can't believe that Pete did this. For what? Lu is one of the most sincere rappers of today. P must be bitter,smh.


    Are you serious?
    1. It's not the lead single for F&L2 it's a street single. The NEXT single is the lead single.

    2. How is Pete Rock gonna get any money from Lupe when Pete Rock sampled the song so if anybody is gonna get some money from FAF it's Tom Scott not Pete Rock.

    3. Pete Rock GAVE LUPE HIS BLESSING TO REMAKE T.R.O.Y AND SO DID TOM SCOTT! Then Pete goes and diss Lupe and his team. That's some hoe shit. How Pete gonna give someone permission to recreate it then shit on them and then not apologize because you are afraid it makes you look crazy.

    Anybody that supports Pete has hoe ass nigga and snake tendencies.

  41. Can people use common sense?

    Did any of you Pete supporters listen to the interview?

    People always like to use the "this was done to increase record sales excuse" lol.

    ***"How many of these people have remade the exact classic beat and released it as their lead single to an album without giving a penny or any credit to the original producer"***

    Use fucking common sense. Do you real think Lupe/Atlantic would use a record that wasn't cleared/approved? Lupe said he asked Pete and Pete told him that he didn't even own the fucking track.

    Pete is acting like Lupe NEVER TRIED to reach out to him, which is highly unbelievable. Think about it for a real good minute. Do you think a MAJOR RECORD LABEL would allow for a remake of a CLASSIC to be released without permission? That just screams SUE ME! SUE ME! lol. Pete made Lu out to be someone who had no appreciation for hip-hop, thus the reason why he is sooooo upset.

    People are going on about how Lupe shouldn't touch the track, fine, maybe he shouldn't have, but all Pete had to do was make it clear that he didn't want anyone to remake the record.

    Pete Rock handled it very very poorly. Pete Rock should have said no from the moment Lu first reached out to him. I can't believe that there are people that really think that Pete Rock was completely unaware of this until a couple of days ago lol.

    For those calling youngins not real fans of hip-hop for not knowing Pete, thanks for PROVING my point! TROY came out in '92, 20 years ago! There are a lot of people were either not born yet or were too little to appreciate TROY. Lu, the best rapper to ever put pen on paper and breath on mic, is now introducing the classic to them.

    I don't understand why old school fuck heads are treating Lu like he's Wayne and Drake.

    Lu is definitely the best rapper of this club/fake-hoodrat era of hip-hop.

  42. WOW, when Lu gets angry that Chi Town accent comes out DEEP!! lol but he made a good point though.

  43. To those of you shitting on Pete Rock as "washed up" and seemingly proud of the fact you've never heard of him before:

  44. Pissed off Lu is sooooooooooooo cute!

  45. Shayla G said...
    Mad ass washed up producer...


  46. sway is his boy though they did still speedin remix and break the chain together. so thats prolly how he felt comfortable tellin him this on his show

  47. ^^^ LOL not the same dude bro... This is not that sway.. You're talking abt the uk sway.. This man lupe's talking to is MTV sway from us.. Lmfao.

  48. It's kind of sad for Pete when he still has issues with this song after 20 years. I get it was hard on him, but after all this time it shouldn't be so offensive for someone to sample this beat. The best way he can honor the death of his friends is to let people use the beat and keep the song, as well as the emotions, alive. To not let people use the beat is to keep what his friends were to him to himself and not let their influence spread to others who may be affected by it.

  49. You know Pete Rock f'd up when Lupe is giving a shout out to Atlantic Records

  50. "Why Pete Rock Has The Right To Be Mad About Lupe Fiasco Stealing T.R.O.Y.

    ^ y'all should read this very well written piece.

    Read more:"

    ---Without even clicking through to the link, the title is a complete and total lie (Nobody STOLE anything) so i highly doubt this is "well written"

  51. at lupe is wrong illmatic had terrible beats all lyrics lol

  52. Lupe got my heart poundin! <3

  53. "It's kind of sad for Pete when he still has issues with this song after 20 years. I get it was hard on him, but after all this time it shouldn't be so offensive for someone to sample this beat. The best way he can honor the death of his friends is to let people use the beat and keep the song, as well as the emotions, alive. To not let people use the beat is to keep what his friends were to him to himself and not let their influence spread to others who may be affected by it."

    ^^^ whoever wrote this, VERY VERY VERY VERY WELL SAID.. Esp the last two lines.. Couldn't have said it any better.

  54. Damn Lupe mad is crazy!!

    and Damn Pete Rock, thats low ans very shameful to call Lupe out


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