Geeks and Hip Hop

Kotaku just posted this article about "Geeks" and "Gamers" in Hip Hop. Here's a small excerpt:

Acts like Lupe Fiasco resemble Peter Parker, embody the stereotype of the geek, the nerd. We're typically portrayed as the sensitive types, the outliers who are searching for acceptance.

The paradox with the Peter Parker type is to be at once meek and still be able to don a costume for heroics.

Players: stereotypically reserved, shy until we pick up a controller, until it's time to save the world. Should the apocalypse ever occur, or if a zombie outbreak happens, the assumption is that we'd thrive, yeah? Backpack rappers, meanwhile, have an eye for the things that are wrong with society. They carry in their chest an idealism that wants to change the world."

Read the full article HERE


  1. Uuummm LOL.

    Why do they have a Drake in the pic?

    That nigga is a S-E-L-L-O-U-T. He don't "have an eye for the things that are wrong with society" lol. All he gives a shit about is his image and money.

    The article was a good read though, but I wouldn't call Lupe a "geek" or "nerd" though. Just because you rap like you actually went to school, like you actually read a book, like you're actually self-aware doesn't mean you're a nerd.

  2. Lu admits he's a nerd though. Good read btw.

  3. Haha, they included Childish Gambino!
    Community <3

  4. Lupe X Frank Ocean X Childish Gambino FTW!

  5. @ second anon

    To call Lu a "nerd" when he has gangsta tracks seems ignorant IMO.

  6. So just cause he made Gangsta tracks he cant be a nerd??

  7. @Anon 5 - Assuming he isn't a nerd because he has gangsta tracks is more ignorant.

    @Anon 1 - Lu isn't classified as a nerd because he raps intelligently lol. It's because of his specific interests such as Japanese animation, comics, video games etc.


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