Mickey Factz would've liked a Lupe feature on his Mickey MauSe Mixtape

Mickey spoke to The Well Versed and broke down what went into creating his just released mixtape "Mickey MauSe." He revealed that if he'd have to do the project again, he'd try to get a Lupe feature.

TWV: Do you feel like having no features allowed this to be a more personal project for you?

Mickey: Definitely, if I could do it all again I would still try to have Lupe on there for political reasons but that would be the only guest feature. Still, I’m happy with the way it came out because it allowed MauSe to have a central voice.

Read the full interview HERE


  1. This nigga Mickey been riding Lupes nuts for years now!

  2. I saw on rapgenius that Lupe is releasing two new songs this week and that F&l2 is due out this summer? Any truth?

  3. ^^^

    Lupe said he estimates that F&L2 will come out around July.

    As for the releasing 2 new songs this week, that isn't confirmed. I doubt it though. Lupe rarely releases music.

    It's probably an April Fools joke from rap genius.

  4. damn this nigga riding lupe's dick since like the longest

  5. Can you shut the fuck up about this riding Lupe's dick nonsense?

    Seriously it's no different when yall say Lupe is the best or that F&L2 will be a great album. Are you guys riding his nuts hmmm?

    Wow, some of you niggas need to grow the fuck up. smh

  6. lol hop off his dick dude. ^^^

  7. Look y'all need to be more peaceful on here,it's to much negativity,use lupes music to put some common since in y'all heads 1luv

  8. ^^ common since, though? I've always thought common sense was pretty good.

  9. ^^ common since, though? I've always thought common sense was pretty good.


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