Lupe Fiasco gives us an update about Food & Liquor 2

After the update we got from
Bishop G earlier, Lupe just took to Twitter, letting us know that he's letting Atlantic hear the 1st part of Food & Liquor 2 right now in NYC. Progress.

Food&Liquor2:GreatAmericanRapAlbumPt.1 is in NYC...1st Label Listening Session....

Update: Green Light!

...Prepare Yourselves....F&L2 is a GO... Shout to @AtlanticRecords


  1. Craazy excited right now!

  2. I CALLED IT!!!

    I told people before that Fuck-lantic hasn't gotten their hands on F&L2 yet, but NOOOO people called me pessimistic for saying so.

    Hopefully (I pray to god) all goes well so that F&L2 gets a release date and single real soon.

    Lupe's "around July" estimation can actually be correct.

  3. Super rap group. Lupe, Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar, and Blu. How bout that.

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  5. Eh I Pray Atlantic Lets Him Control Both 2 Disc. He gotta Win This One Fasure.

  6. Hopefully we get an update soon after this.

  7. yo @ anon that dope super rap group minus kendrick lamar..Lupe, Blu and Jay Electronica be the greatest super rap group in rap history..Lupe & Blu are lyrical for days and Jay Elec got that mystic damn it be be GOD HOP

  8. ^ Kendrick Lamar is lyrical and has substance and can rap. So why leave him out?

  9. let it be known kendrick lamar is a dope up and coming rapper but in no way shape or form can hang with this emcees (lupe, blu, jay electronica)..not puttin him down but this guyz are light years ahead of him especially lupe & blu maybe jay electronica if he decides to be a real artist and drop that album everyone waiting on..smh..let me put it this way ill take lazy 1 song every 3year Jay Electronica over kendrick lamar..and thats real talk..

  10. OH shit!! Classic vintage Lupe ahhhhh never thought id say that boyy do i miss that lupe..if anything that Game feature he got on was an indication of him getting back to his roots..and on that note ima say it be the best album this year when it the stores..

    haha @ jay elect being in that super group dude barely releases songs lol so basically would Lupe & Blu cuz jay elect the laziest rapper known to lie tho he is damn good on the mic tho..

    @ anon kendrick lamar is aight that is all..

  11. 1. Thank God.
    2. Fuck Atlantic.
    3. There better not be only like 18 songs between the two albums combined.
    4. I feel like the fans are so much more in the loop during process as opposed to the last one. We're getting release dates, info on album sessions, etc... its nice. Props to Lupe.
    5. Atlantic better not change ANYTHING.

  12. @LupeFiasco...Prepare Yourselves....F&L2 is a GO... Shout to @AtlanticRecords

    Lets Go!!!!!!!!


    I just need that release date and single now!

    I'm so glad that things are going SMOOTHLY for Lupe this time around.

    I'm so happy my prayers have been answered.

    I can't wait to hear the Great American Rap Album!

    FNF UP!

    Lets GOOOOO!!!!

  14. Food & Liquor 2 trending worldwide!!


  16. Oh shit I seriously spit my soda out!!!! I'm excited as hell!!!!!!!!

  17. YESSSS, expecting a lot from this album!

  18. MuMu did his thing

    real appreciate real ayeeeeeeeeeee

  19. God-Willing, Album dropping soon :-)

  20. Best news I've heard all year! There aren't enough exclamation points to express my excitement!!!

  21. Hmm so do we pop a bottle and throw a party or what...? LUPE HAS CONTROL!!!!!

  22. Now everybody back on lupe dick...a few months ago ppl was talkin bout how they have given up on him..
    I been holdin it din through thick and thin

  23. ^ @ Cornel Westside...that is so true. I know there were several people who were still supporting Lupe after FOTP dropped, even though the beats were different from what was most likely expected. I didn't care, the lyrical content was still there and the beats grew on me after a few listens. I never gave up.

    However, there were A LOT and I mean A LOT of people that were straight hating on Lupe and were saying they were done and have given up on him. Now I bet a lot of them are jumping on the bandwagon.

  24. I don't recall "a lot" of people saying they "gave up" on him.

    I DO recall "a lot" of people saying they hated his beat selection though.

    People thought Lupe fell off after Lasers, but saw that he didn't with FOTP, it was just his beat selection that people disliked the most.

  25. But for even thinking that Lupe fell off shows there fickle "fans" that swing from artist to artist..Lu aint just another artist he's Lupe Fiasco for a reason

  26. I witnessed this same thing back in 99-01 with Nas dropping Nastradamus in 99 and people were saying that he was done until he shut up nearly every critic with Stillmatic.

    I expect Lupe to bounce back and make his comeback as well.

  27. I read a lot of comments of ppl saying they were done with lupe and said he "changed" with the dubstep beats and dreadlocks lol smh
    Those same ppl said that Kendrick Lamar as taken his spot

  28. Kendrick can hang wit any rapper. Jus cause he new don't mean anything. I'd love a Kendrick n Lupe collab

  29. am i the only who noticed there is a correlation between Nas's and Lupe's careers..Both came out heavy right out the gate. 4evidence to back up my theory..

    1.Nas- Illmatic- people hailing him as the best lyricists in the game at that moment. Bet people at the time didnt know the impact illmatic would have down the years later on hip hop global stage..

    Lupe- Food & Liqour- was hailed as a savior of hip hop when that album dropped and most importantly the best lyricists in the game..even Jay z acknowledged that hence he came back from his short retirement lol..

    2. Nas 2nd album-It Was Written- this is the album that made Nas popular and mainstream house hold name..IMO this album musically surpases Illmatic..(his best album as far as selling wise go) this album would be revered as the best mafiaso album to ever hit the stores..

    Lupe 2nd album- dropped The COOL- this album made him successful on the mainstream stage ( to this date its his best catalog as far as numbers go)..this album was the epitime of hip hop's epic poem..IMO the best conceptual album ever made in hip hop history..

    3. Nas Nastradamus--downfall no need to further explain its terrifying haha..

    Lupe- Lasers--once revered as the proust of rap now umm...yea

    4. Nas Comeback- Stillmatic- shut every critics up and everyone soon jumped on the bandwaggon..

    Lupe Comeback would be tata= Food & Liqour 2

    yea just a thought lol

  30. ^ He said what I was thinkin'


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