Lupe Fiasco becomes Food Correspondent

Lupe is headed down under for the Supafest and while he's in Australia he'll take on the role as a food correspondent for the website Before we get the first installment of this new series, check out an interview that Lu did with the site:

Is there a city in Australia that you’re particularly feeling, in terms of the food?

Melbourne is pretty good for food. But Sydney, man, that is good too. Those are the food cities, I'm telling you.

What types of food are you looking forward to the most?

My diet is somewhat restrictive. I try to eat halal as much as I can because I’m Muslim. Last time I was in Melbourne I found this Malaysian cafĂ© and they had this barbecue chicken dish that was just awesome. I ate it like every day.

What do you like to eat before shows? Any food rituals?

I try not to eat a lot before shows. For instance, the last show I had was in Dayton, Ohio and I ate like a lobster roll at some random place. It was actually really bangin'. It depends on what city we’re at. If we’re in Philadelphia, we eat cheesesteaks all day. If we’re in New York, there’s this soul food spot in Brooklyn called Soul Spot. That’s off the chain.

I look forward to your food blogging and challenge you to eat some things you haven’t had before. We want to hear about your discoveries Down Under!

I’ll definitely run the gamut for you. One thing I haven’t had is true Aboriginal food. And there are some fast food spots down there that definitely have some items that need to be blogged about.

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  1. This is my favorite Lupe pic hands down. Very befitting for the post too.

  2. Soul Spot is 15 minutes from my apartment. I am hitting that up this weekend to see if any of the employees have met him!


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