B.o.B describes new album as "More Organic"

B.o.B's new album "Strange Clouds" drops on May 1st and in the May Issue of XXL Mag he talks about the album and how it's more organic than his debut.

By now, the origin story of B.o.B’s Billboard No. 1 song “Nothin’ on You” is part of industry lore: The Bruno Mars–led songwriting team The Smeezingtons created the track during writing sessions for Atlantic Records artists B.o.B, Travie McCoy and Lupe Fiasco; Fiasco and B.o.B both recorded versions of the record; Fiasco’s was deemed “wack,” in the alleged words of Atlantic co-chairman and CEO Craig Kallman, so B.o.B was bestowed with the smash. The whole thing revealed the assembly-line hitmaking process deployed at major record labels these days. (In an interesting twist, B.o.B once lost out on a big record of his own, having passed on Flo Rida’s club jam “Right Round.”)

B.o.B claims Strange Clouds’ second single, “So Good,” is the only song created in a similar manner to “Nothin’ on You,” and that the album is a bit more “organic.” It’s one of his favorite words. “I have a record called ‘Circles,’ which is like ‘Nothin’ on You’ but more organic,” he says. “This is how I’ll explain the whole project: It’s not about having a good song or a hit song, it’s about having songs that are organic. At least for me, that’s what it’s like. For me, this album is a lot more organic but just as good [as The Adventures of Bobby Ray]. Do you like burgers? Well, these burgers are organic and they taste better.”

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  1. Don't lie B.o.B. So far all the songs that have been released from the album sound like "it's about having a hit song."

    Might as well call it "The Adventures of Bobby Ray 2.0"

  2. Bad album, way to mainstream for B.o.B. well more then usual.


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