Video: Robert Glasper Experiment x Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On" [Live @ Highline Ballroom]

After Always Shine, here's another clip from the show. Lupe & the Robert Glasper Experiment performing a reinterpretation of "The Show Goes On" at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on February 29th, 2012 for the Black Radio release.

This track was not originally set to be performed, but Lupe and Robert put it together while they were upstairs before the show started.

Check another clip after the jump!

2nd clip via YesGoodMusic


  1. Did anybody else notice lupe's arms getting bigger? Hehehehehehehe XD

  2. These black brothers are very talented, and Lupe you already know you are amazing. Funny as hell love that in you Mr. Fiasco

  3. Super dope! So dope that I would purchase this on iTunes. Has anyone ripped this to a MP3 yet? I love this version. Ugh, I wish I was there...better luck next time *kanye shrug*

  4. lol, I thought is was just me noticing Lu's arms. I guess I didn't want to be the person to point it out.

  5. *sigh* See! Stuff like this is what makes me fall for Lupe. Super smooth.


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