Video: No more Lupe Fiasco Mixtapes; Food & Liquor 2 might be a Double Album

Last night, Lupe performed in Portland, Oregon. He stopped in the middle of his set and made 2 very important announcements.

Unfortunately, he said that there will be no more Lupe Fiasco mixtapes. But on the bright side, he says Food & Liquor 2 is completed. There is no release date yet, but he estimated that it may drop around July.

He says the only thing holding it up is deciding whether it'll be a double disc album or not.


  1. Bull Sit and We All KNow Why!!!

  2. his new mixtapes are ass anyway.

  3. Milestones that shaped me, and memories that made me.

    Awh man I'm excited.

  4. I'm excited, I'm ready to hear it!


  5. It sucks that there's no more mixtapes....but I cant wait for Food & Liquor 2!

  6. The way these dickheads ran off at the mouth about FOTP, yall don't deserve any more mixtapes. But make it a double album so you can be done with your Atlantic contract!!

  7. double disc ill believe it when i see it

  8. Everyone knows Lu is always full of false promises, but this would be awesome. Wouldn't it make perfect sense if he dropped one that was more radio friendly and one that was for the real fans? It would please everyone.

  9. "No more Lupe Fiasco Mixtapes"

    No surprise. It appeared that Lupe really didn't want to make FOTP, but since he announced the idea of it and since us fans were begging for it he made FOTP anyway. Add on to the fact that a lot of people got on Lupe's case because they were upset about FOTP, it's no surprise that there won't be any mixtapes from him.

    I wouldn't mind a double disc album from where on disc please hardcore fans and the other one is more mainstream friendly. I doubt it'll happen though. I expect F&L2 to be on one disc.

    And LOL @ F&L2 coming out in July. And LOL @ the only thing holding it up is his decision on it being a double dic album. It's not coming out anywhere near July. It's going to come out either this fall(September, October, November) or next year(March, April, May). The album hasn't been hand to Fuck-lantic yet so there is no way as soon as Lu makes his decision we'll be any closer than we are now to a solid release date.

    I'm glad that F&L2 is completed though. Hopefully we only have to wait months as oppose to years to hear it.

  10. Ass Hat Lupe Skeptic Dick NiggaSaturday, March 24, 2012 at 2:01:00 PM EDT

    lol @ July
    lol @ double disc
    lol @ FOTP
    lol @ my face

  11. Y'all some pessimistic ass niggas smh.


    I hope Lu got Matthew Santos on it though.

  12. I'm hoping for that old Lu' F&L and The Cool themes. If it's double-disc, I agree with the above and have one mainstream and one for the fans.

    But if it's one disc it'll still be amazing and something to remember, I hope.

  13. You guys really need to know the difference of pessimistic and realistic.

    The album isn't even in fuck-lantic's hands. Lupe is currently deciding on whether or not to make it a double album. When he does actually make the decision and give to fuck-lantic they'll have to go through their own processes before having a final solid release date. So I doubt it'll come out in July, but rather this fall. That isn't being pessimistic at all. It's being realistic. At least in my opinion anyway.

    Plus I don't how saying that I "HOPE" to hear the album in a couple of months as oppose to a couple of years is being skeptical or pessimistic either...

  14. so Lupe has already said in an interview that hes turned it in. Atlantic has it. Busy always tweeting. soon well get a release date and then more tweets about album artwork and tracklists and singles and stuff.

    so calm down.

    i feel like if stuff was going wrong with atlantic right now hed tell us. hes more open with it now.

    so calm down.

    and as far as one disc being mainstream and another being for hardcore fans, probably not. cmon now be real.

    my best guess on that is that one album will be more positive things (your "food") and the other will be some slightly negative stuff (your "liquor") as alluded to in the Intro on the original F&L.

    kinda like some TI vs TIP type shit. guess we'll wait and see.

  15. @B dub

    Lupe did say he turned it in, but then he said it wasn't finished... He is just now officially confirming that it is finished.

    I guess you might be right about fuck-lantic having it though. I guess there waiting on Lupe's decision which I find odd that a record company would wait on the artist while already having the album in their hands... anything is possible I guess.

    Also, I like your guess on what the double disc album might be like. Maybe it might be a 2 disc album after all.

    The best news is that it's done, which means we are closer to hearing this album than we were before this announcement was made. :)

  16. itll prolly be July 4th....being that it could be called Food and Liquor 2- The Great American Rap Album

    the 2 disc one food one liquor idea is dope tho @B Dub

  17. why would u want one album to be mainstream and the other to be a real lupe album? why not have the entire album be real lupe with his lyrics, his producers and the artists he chooses to work with. no radio garbage, no dub-step, no ghost-writin lytics. just 100% real food and liquor lupe fiasco we all know and love.

  18. Ok people this is my theory about food and liquor 2. Yeah great its done and all whatevs, but I can imagine this concept behind it with it being Food and Liquor "2". "you got your good and your bad. You got your Food and your Liquor." Making it double disc album means he'll convey his intricate metaphorical style in 2 ways. One disc will be the food, (fight for all the right things and let the huey new out). The other disc will be the liquor (where he came from, the dope game, "The Cool-esque" style and the ills of the world.

    This is just my theory.

  19. You all are talking like you know everything LOL don't know shit! just sit back and chilllll. Stop making accusations

  20. Disc 1: Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor 2

    Disc 2: Atlantic Records's Food and Liquor 2

    Sheeeet, I'd take it haha. That's a compromise

  21. wow "insightful thought"

    way to take exactly what i said and just throw some more words on it...

    very INSIGHTFUL...

  22. Sooooo half of this was bullcrap just hoping the other half is too (bout mixtapes)


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