SOHH Underrated: Lupe Fiasco

Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Ben J gave Game the title earlier this week, New Boyz's Legacy crowns Lupe Fiasco SOHH Underrated.

Legacy: Honestly, I'm not going to pick somebody from the 1990's. I have to pick somebody that's a little newers. And I know he's really not considered underrated but I feel this artist has to get a lot more attention. Lupe Fiasco.

Lupe needs to be much more of a superstar than what he already is. I feel like Lupe Fiasco is one of the dopest in the game if not "the" best lyricist in the game. He takes it to a whole 'nother level. I'm talking about listening to his records like Food & Liquor and The Cool.

Even his new album [Lasers] is really good. He's always been on top of his game. Lupe definitely deserves a lot more credibility than what he's gotten already.



  1. "lasers was so great, I really hope lupe makes another album like that again"-nobody

  2. I've been saying this since 06... Lupe is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper... He's the truth...

  3. Actually Lasers was hella dope. I hope he makes another album like that just better. - most people

  4. that backpacking lame who's the smartass in his circle and everyone secretly hatesThursday, March 29, 2012 at 3:11:00 PM EDT

    lasers was total ass and we should dedicate a day to buying as many copies as we can to use for a bonfire. Lupes gotta go back to his roots cuz this abstract electric tech shit is gonna make me cry in my room and listen to jedi mind tricks for 3 hours

  5. Lupe is a hip-hop guru, lasers wasn't the best but it's still the lupe that I know so I could care less, I would rather listen to lupes worst work than any other album out there, real rap is dying, lupe is one of my few hopes left

  6. Please... It's one thing to like LASERS and it's another to want another album EVEN remotely similar to it.

    If you love LASERS, good for you.

    But if you want another LASERS then you want another fuck-lantic album. Lasers was not made by Lu alone. His record label helped create that album. The Show Goes On? Had Lupe got his way that song wouldn't even be on Lasers. So if you "hope *"he"* makes another album like that" then Lupe is going to have to call on fuck-lantic for a bit of help.

    As for this New Boyz kid actually acknowledging Lu as the best lyricist in the game, ---**I'm shocked**---. It seems like a lot of new cats that make garbage nowadays(new boys, souja boy, drake, wale, etc) know a good lyricist when they see/hear one. I just don't get why they insist on using nursery rhymes for their music. The next rappers that I want to see acknowledge Lu are Meek Mills, Rick Ross, Minaj, Wayne, and Birdman. I will have respect for them if they ever do.

    #TGARA can't come soon enough D;

  7. problem is Lupe doesn't want to work hard to be That A level successful.

    Some rappers release 2 albums a year, and others are featured on at least one hit song a month.

    lupe does neither. we;re lucky to get an album a year

  8. @ Anonymous, I agree not saying Lupe doesnt have a strong work ethic cause he does but when it comes to hip hop exclusively and being know as one of the greatest he doesnt seem to want it as bad. Hopefully F&L II will be a classic and Lupe will get extremely positive feedback, which hopefully will make him want to dominate the rap game.

  9. what rapper release 2 albums a year? ALBUMS? nigga please


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